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Roller Towels vs Paper

Roller Towels vs Paper. Cotton roller towels come out on top of paper towels in terms of cleanliness and overall cost. When it comes to managing your expenses and having a positive impact on the environment, paper towels are almost never the way to go. Instead cabinet roller towel services can help to save money as well as provide a higher level of experience for visitors.


Roller Towels vs Paper
Roller Towels vs Paper

Paper hand towels, even when used diligently, will cost much more than contract roller towels. Cotton towels are only marginally more expensive than a pack of paper towels and they last far longer, helping to keep your cash inside your business longer instead of quickly throwing it away. Over several weeks and months your savings will add up.

Roller Towels Environmental Impact

Additionally, when a business prioritizes the environment, it often helps to build a stronger relationship with visitors.

No matter what industry you are in, paper hand towels always come in handy. For cleaning up spills to providing them to customers, paper towels tend to be used much more quickly than anticipated.

Instead of grabbing just one, most people grab a handful. This is particularly true with folded paper towels. Paper towels are responsible for about 0.06 pounds of carbon dioxide, contributing to the overall impact of the paper industry on greenhouse gas emissions caused by the U.S alone each year.

While this impact may feel small compared to other contributors, such as fuel or meat production, cutting back on paper towels is one action that every business can do to create a positive impact on the CO2 problem.

Supply Chain: Roller Towels vs Paper

paper hand towels

Supply chain issues are ongoing for businesses in every industry during these uncertain times. When it comes to paper products in particular, lack of inventory is a very real issue.

Rather than spending time sourcing paper towels. You can rest easy knowing that you have cotton roller towels available for your company that will not run out.

Higher prices and continuity of product

Prices of paper products have increased significantly this results in product quality suffering. 


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