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Setting Up Social Media Sites

Setting up and getting started on social media

Social media can be a great means of finding and talking with your customers online. The largest social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, these are all free social media sites, and can represent a huge opportunity when it comes to having conversations with your customers and promoting your business.

Setting up social media sites represents a a challenge for most businesses we have included a few links for the most popular sites listed below.

When you’re talking to your customers, you want to be at your best. The setting up social media sites links below contain support and advice when it comes to presenting yourself and your business using social media online.

Setting up social media sites find out more

  1. This guide from Lloyd’s Bank sets out the benefits of setting up social media sites. It also includes a quick overview of the biggest networks. Why business on social media? 
  2. Setting up social information sites, this helpful guide from Wix features a detailed overview of the major social media networks, so you can choose the right one for you. Which network is right? 
  3. Setting up tweet information sites on Twitter a profile that also represents you and your business. Setting up Twitter
  4. A step-by-step guide setting up media sites on Facebook a page for your business. Setting up Facebook
  5. LinkedIn, setting up media sites including how to create your professional profile on LinkedIn. Setting up LinkedIn
  6. A guide to setting up social sites and also getting started on, and make the most out of, YouTube. Setting up YouTube
  7. Tips on setting up social media sites, from Instagram on how to use the popular photo-sharing site for your business. Setting up Instagram
  8. Information on how to get started and also get the most out of Pinterest. Setting up Pinterest
  9. Information on setting up social sites with Google Plus. Setting up on Google Plus 
  10. A simple list from Barclay’s, with ten easy lessons for promoting your business through social media. 10 tips for using social successfully 
  11. Social media is a great way to engage with customers and build your brand. But if you don’t tread carefully it can also represent major problems. Here are some common mistakes which businesses make when attempting to harness its full potential Avoiding mistakes on social media

Setting up media sites Key Points

Not updating your social media channels regularly

Setting up social media sites, an inactive social media profile is arguably worse than no profile at all. setting up social media sites There are no hard and fast rules for how regularly you update, and it varies from business to business but make sure you devote a fixed amount of time a week to keeping your profile looking fresh and updated.

Setting up social information sites, updating social media too much

The above said, it is possible to overdo it, this can also be seen as spam. Over sharing, constantly re-tweeting on twitter or blogging about every minute of your working day is annoying and will lose you followers on social sites.

Setting up social tweets on twitter, unless something really important is happening within your business try not to tweet more than four times a day, and make sure it’s relevant to your site.

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