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How to Sanitize Your Vehicles Interior Germ-Free Results

How to Sanitize Your Vehicles Interior Germ-Free Results Effective Cleaning

The urgent requirement to sanitize and clean all surfaces are more than ever apparent right now, so let us show you how to be thorough at trying to combat the spread of bacteria on surfaces within your vehicles.

How to Sanitize Your Vehicles Interior Germ-Free Results
Effective steering wheel sanitising using Rentex Sanitiser Wipes.

We don’t often see the sanitising and cleaning of our vehicle interiors as risk management. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are rightly paying more attention to getting the inside of our vehicles sanitized than we normally would. Looking at how to sanitize your vehicles interior germ-free results throughout this exercise, we’ll take a look at the dos and don’ts of proper interior cleaning and surface sanitising.

How to Sanitize Your Vehicles Interior Germ-Free Results VIDEO

Using Rentex sanitiser wipes It’s important to recognize that cars as well as van interiors use a wide variety of materials that we come into contact with on every trip. Whether you find yourself surrounded in leather and metallic trim or vinyl and hard plastics this makes no difference; the novel corona virus can live for up to 72 hours on certain materials. While a general cleaning of your entire interior is recommended, we’ll focus the majority of our attention to the areas service operatives come into contact with most, which we call “high touch points.”

Rentex Wipes Germ-Free Results

The main focus is killing germs and also bacteria, If you believe the inside of your vehicle was directly exposed to a virus, it may be best to wear disposable gloves and PPE during this cleaning procedure.

Sanitising Surface Cleaning Wipes
Rentex Sanitising Surface Wipes 550 Sheet Tub

An automotive interior is a collection of fabrics and surfaces, and while wipes would succeed in killing a virus. It could also risk damaging certain materials in your vehicle, we suggest testing in an obscure location prior to use. After all highly effective sanitiser items such as Rentex 80% Sanitisers are designed to kill bacteria & germs and not to make things look boy racer beautiful.

Sanitiser wipes for vehicles
Sanitize frequently used surfaces

Germ-Free Results Sanitizing All High Touch Points

This is where we’ll focus on sanitizing the high touch points. The simplest way to attack COVID-19 experts have said, is with soap and water. And since most soaps use only mild detergents, it is a much less stressful cleaning agent on your car’s interior. This can be a messy process with high amounts of soapy water all over your cabin area. Surface wipes can be a fast effective alternative with high sanitising results.

how to sanitise and clean your car interior
Alcohol surface sanitiser wipes for works vans

High touch points in your vehicle also extend beyond the door handles and steering wheel. You’ll want to be conscientious of all of the things you do while spending time within your vehicle. You touch the radio, the hand break, the glove box, the seat belts and so on. Think of how many contact points are touched by you or co-workers without even thinking about it.

Covid 19 sanitiser wipes for cars
Vehicle Sanitiser Wipes 550 Sheet Tubs For Sale UK

After you’ve worked your way through the main area consider your arm rest and center console as well. Getting in and out of a vehicle might seem inconsequential under normal circumstances, but your hands can also harbor bacteria and germs. Make sure to sanitise the interior door panels, seat belts & handles before you decide to move toward the rear.

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