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Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book

Print out your own Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book.

Yes we all know that Mercedes like most car brands are now using digital service books, but you can still get a paper version.

Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book
Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book

Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book

Typically, the service records of vehicles are kept as paper records and stored at the garage which has undertaken the work, with you getting a stamp and entry in the logbook confirming the work that has been carried out. They also keep a record of any major breakdowns or accidents that the vehicle has been through.

Old School Stamped Service Book Benefits

If you for instance go to an independent specialist and your book is full, is it a case of just showing receipts when selling to show that the car has a full service history ?

Having a stamped booklet as well, furthermore the tick box in the stamped booklet shows what was done and what wasn’t done in one glance.

Buying as well as selling independently, what use is a digital service record being held by Mercedes at that point? You then have to decide whether to put a deposit on the car, and then get in touch with the dealer with the Vin to get a copy and check it.

Paper Service Log Books Disadvantages

One of the biggest issues with paper logbooks is that the information within them can be falsified. Meaning that buyers have to take their own initiative and verify anything suspicious with the garage that serviced the car.

This can cause a problem if you live miles away from the garage that was used, it can also be time-consuming. A digital service record can solve all of these problems.

Digital Service Records

Mercedes GLE GLA GLC SUV Service Log Book
Paper Version

Keeping a history of your car’s servicing and maintenance schedule helps maintain the value when deciding to sell your vehicle, a well-maintained car fetches a premium price.

Many of the bigger manufacturers are now offer something called a “digital service record” or “DSR”, which is proving to be much more reliable than a paper logbook.

Manufacturers using DSR’s include: Audi ,Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volkswagen

Driving More Business To The Dealerships

Typically sales representatives say fake service stamps etc were one of the main reasons why they have gone to digital service records. Like most care manufactures this is lucrative with financial gains.  

Unfortunately a lack of clarity over what needs doing when compared to a “traditional” service book with service intervals and tick boxes etc baffles most people.

Digital service records are maintained and stored online via a secure vehicle manufacturer’s central database. It keeps a record of the service and maintenance history, as well as the mileage and the garages where these services are performed.

A digital service record is updated every time you visit an approved garage for car servicing or car repairs. You can also request a hard copy from any authorized car dealer or from an online portal if available.

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Common FAQs asked about Mercedes DSB (Digital Service Booklet):

  • Q) How can I access my Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet?

To access your MB Digital Service Booklet you will need to complete an online form by following the link here.

  • Q) How do I get my customer number to gain access to my Mercedes DSB booklet?

According to Mercedes-Benz UK, you do not need a unique customer number to acquire your DSB. When you have marked that you are in the UK, the field on the form no longer becomes mandatory. Letting you progress with the registration of the form.

This information by Rentex does not condone the use of either paper log books or dsr systems and is intended for information purposes only and not a recommendation for any manufacture.

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