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Vapona Window Stickers

Vapona Window Stickers That Kills Flies Having flies buzzing around your home, especially the kitchen, can be very annoying, but Vapona Window Stickers can solve the problem. Flies are attracted to light and colour, and the sunflower design of the…

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Fly Killer Machine Tubes

Electric Fly Killer Tubes

Time To Replace Electric Fly Killer Machine Tubes For your electric fly killing machine to operate correctly it is highly recommended that you should replace your fly killer tubes on a regular basis and the minimum requirement is annually but more…

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Electric Fly Killer Machine Problems

Electric Fly Killer Tubes 8w

Pest Control Grade Replacement 8w Fly Killer Machine Blacklight Tubes Its important to remember that you should replace your electric fly killer machine tubes with high quality commercial rental grade UVA lamps annually and the specialist insect glue boards that…

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