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Fly Killer Machine Tubes

Electric Fly Killer Tubes

Time To Replace Electric Fly Killer Machine Tubes

For your electric fly killing machine to operate correctly it is highly recommended that you should replace your fly killer tubes on a regular basis and the minimum requirement is annually but more often in high usage areas such as food production areas and catering facilities.

electric fly killer tubes
Replacement fly killer machine lamps.

We supply trade pest control lamps manufactured by Sylvaina, these UVA tubes are perfect for 16w electric fly killing machines such as the Plus-zap fly killer. It is important to use quality tubes as these will out perform cheaper Asian imports that would also require changing more frequently.

Electric pest control fly machine tubes start at £5.18 each including VAT an additional charge for postage as well as packaging is applicable.

Electric Fly Killer Tubes

At Rentex we supply only quality for 16w and also 30w fly zapper machines, both manufactured in Germany by Sylvania.

Rentex Hygiene Services pest control grade replacement lamps. These top quality machine lamps are used extensively within our contract service to the trade and also complies with Code EN 60335-2-59. These premium grade replacement fly killer UVA lamps are manufactured in Germany by Sylvania. They should also be changed annually for maximum efficiency.

NM Rating

The higher nm rating is also a better attraction for flying insects. These are manufactured in the EU and not cheaper quality Asian imports.

Buy Quality Replacement tubes


  • Brand: Sylvania 
  • Tube nm rating: 368
  • Tube watt: 8
  • Total tube length: 300 mm
  • Tube length without prongs: 287 mm
  • Quantity: 1
  • Lamp: F8W/T5/BL368

Purchasing pest control products online. We also have a range of commercial flying insect machines available such as glue board machines and refills to vermin poison all at competitive prices.

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