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Electric Fly Killer Machine Problems

Electric Fly Killer Tubes 8w

Pest Control Grade Replacement 8w Fly Killer Machine Blacklight Tubes

Its important to remember that you should replace your electric fly killer machine tubes with high quality commercial rental grade UVA lamps annually and the specialist insect glue boards that incorporate pheromones to provide an extra attractant every 3-6 months depending on severity of infestation.

Rentex have been supply high quality tubes for electric fly killers for a number of years and we understand that using quality tubes is important for the correct function of machines. We do not supply inferior Asian imports that have recently flooded the online market place, these tubes are less likely to function for their intended purpose and the longevity is rarely suitable, this means more replacements sooner which means more long term costs.   electric fly killer tubes 8w

Manufactured in Germany by Sylvania these top quality electric fly killer machine tubes are used extensively within our contract service to the trade and complies with Code EN 60335-2-59 our commercial rental grade electric fly killer tubes 8w and 15w for use in 16w electric fly killing machines and 30w fly killing machines are available to purchase from our Pest Control online page.

Electric Fly Killer Tubes 8w Machines

Unlike the majority of electric fly killers available these units have side vents to attract more insects and an internal triangular killing grid to increase the catchment of flies. The service of these electric fly killer tubes 8w is extremely fast, see our demonstration video with a removable catchment tray which disconnects power via a micro switch when removed.

Electric Fly Killer Tubes 8w Alternatives

Our Glue Board is a flying insect commercial glue board catchment killer designed to be easy and quick to service in the electric fly killing machine, this non explosive and no debris kill solution for electric killing machines is perfect for food retail outlets and offices it kills flying insects by sticking them to the Pheromone Impregnated board which also provides an extra attractant for insects to the unit.

These are increasingly becoming the most popular choice for commercial electric fly killers due to no zapping noise & no exploding insect debris.

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