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Vapona Window Stickers

Vapona Window Stickers That Kills Flies

Vapona window stickers
Vapona Window Stickers

Having flies buzzing around your home, especially the kitchen, can be very annoying, but Vapona Window Stickers can solve the problem. Flies are attracted to light and colour, and the sunflower design of the vapona window sticker attracts them. 

Each window sticker is impregnated with a special formula which flies find irresistible, but which will also kill them in seconds.  Simply place on a window in a room when flies are a problem and the vapona window sticker will do the rest.

These stickers are designed to go into the coroner of the window.  The design is especially effective at attracting flies.  They are also easy to peel off the window when they need to be replaced.

With the summer weather, insects are emerging in full force!  A recent survey suggests that flies top the poll as the most bothersome pest, irritating up to 66 of us. Additionally ants and wasps are not far behind.

Vapona Window Stickers Buy Online

The good news is using Vapona window stickers that kill flies, means this summer can also be irritation free! 1 x  window sticker for indoor use is enough for an averaged sized room, put the window sticker that kills flies in the inside of the window where flies are most active.

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Stickers are the simple and easy way to eliminate the flies in your home, office, caravan, conservatory or any location requires a safe method of pest control.  The sunflower design is both appealing to flies and non intrusive in your home.

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Vapona Window Stickers Formula

It’s specially formulated insecticide that contains: Azametiphos 0.96w/w kills flies fast. The flies touch it and die on contact. Do not place in windy, dusty or humid places as this will affect the adhesiveness of the glue.

Fly Killer Placement

Top corners are usually best, place out of the reach of children and pets, this product has also been specially designed to attract and kill flies quickly without fuss or harm full sprays, 1 x window sticker that kills flies can be effective for up to 100 days.

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