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PlusLight Electric Fly Killer Glueboard Replacement

Fly Killer Glueboards For PlusLight Electric Fly Killers

Electric fly killer glueboard replacements by Glupac® these glueboards feature simple grids to make it quick and simple to monitor and record fly counts and identify species. This allows valuable, accurate feedback to be kept for hygiene audits and shared with the end user on a regular basis.

PlusLight Electric Fly Killer Glueboard Silicon Coated Release Paper

Glupac® release paper is silicon coated to ensure that it releases from the glue covered board quickly and simply, leaving the glue in place. pluslight electric fly killer glueboardThis guarantees speedy service times of the PlusLight electric fly killer glueboard and ensures that there is no contact between the glue and the service technician.

PlusLight Electric Fly Killer Glueboard Replacement Paper Features

  • Unique flexible glue application allows for maximum glue area
  • Advanced UV stable glue guards against the glue drying out over a four week period
  • Dry glue formulation reduces glue run from exposure to tube heat and mess free Pluslight electric glueboard servicing
  • Consistent thickness of glue application ensures no areas are too thin to retain the caught insect
  • Varnished base material reduces absorption of the glue
  • High quality silicon coated release paper provides easy peel action and less mess for reduced service times
  • Impregnated electric fly killer glue board contains pheromone Tricozene Z9 for an improved insect catch

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PlusLight Electric Fly Killer Glueboard Machines Electric Fly Killer

PlusLight™ is available as a slim white 30W wall/desk mounted product or a 60W stainless steel model, suitable for ceiling suspension. Both PlusLight electric fly killer glueboard products incorporate a unique swing open front that moves the tubes away from the large glue area glueboard, allowing quick and simple glueboard replacement.

  • Robust build quality and all metal construction
  • Unique swing open front guard and tube assembly for quick and simple glueboard servicing
  • Large glue area with horizontal section for insect debris collection
  • Wall or ceiling mounting PlusLight electric fly killer glue board options
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards

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