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Why Mats Move On Tiled Floors

Why Mats Move On Tiled Floors

Why Mats Move On Tiled Floors
Why Mats Move On Tiled Floors

Another common question we are asked is why mats move on tiled floors, mats laid on wet or inefficiently cleaned floors are the most common of mat slipping & moving problems and is usually caused by the floor surface under the mat.

Why mats move on tiled floors in shops and trade counters. This is caused by a build up of thousands of tiny grit modules and over a period of time these will act like small ball bearings.

Why Mats Move On Tiled Floors

Why mats move on tiled floors; when you come to lay a mat, logo matting, runner or doormat on top of tiles that are damp, greasy or dirty, be it large or small mats, heavy or light there is an extremely high possibility that once placed in the required area it will move over time.

Mats will start to slide in any direction and that are greasy or have grit on them.

Why mats move on tiled flooring; when stepping on your mats, weight is transferred though the mat and the mat will slide.

Mats moving on greasy floors is simply because the slightest film of grease will act like a skid pan. Mats will then move around potentially causing a slip hazard.

Surface sanitiser cleaning wipes
Surface cleaning wipes

Appropriate cleaning and adequate use of cleaning materials used whilst floor cleaning will help reduce this grease build up. This is almost invisible to the human eye and most cleaners will simply mop the floor with warm soapy water effectively pushing the grease further around the floor area.

After mopping surfaces must be dry. Placing mats back on cleaned damp floors will just mean that the moisture can’t evaporate under the rubber matting and the floor surface will sweat and cause more problems.

Tiled Floor Cleaning Products

There are many products on the market claiming to solve the problem of mats moving on tiled floors, such as adhesive matting sprays that can be applied to the backing of the mat. These solutions are for permanent fixtures and cannot be applied to serviced mats.

Some mat manufactures will produce anti slip mats with a rubberised cleated backing. These mats may still move when placed on flooring that may contain residues of grease, oil, grit and liquids.

Mats moving on tiled floors main points:

  1. Barrier mat moving on tiled floors in cafes, high foot fall with ingress of grit
  2. Mats move on floors in kitchens, moves around due to film of grease or oil residues.
  3. Why mats move on floors in restaurants, inadequate floor cleaning and drying.
  4. Placing a mat on wet floors is also why mats move on tiled floors

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This post is for information only and not an endorsement of any product or cleaning systems.

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