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Smile Air Conditioning Wakefield

Wakefield New Office Refurbishment Underway

Smile air conditioning Wakefield chosen for units, after five years we are ready for a revamp of our offices. A difficult task office refurbishment when the day to day running of a business is taken into account. Using Yorkshire Office Group as a designer and supplier for our new office equipment this should help streamline the process and reduce office disturbance to a minimum.

Smile air conditioning Wakefield
Air conditioners

Choosing the colour scheme for the office refurbishment was the hardest choice and after a few heated discussions and many cups of coffee a theme was agreed. 

Moving forward as a service provider we have realised that the majority of our core business is now internet based. From providing online quotations for services such as; washroom hygiene services, clinical waste disposal, mat rental and the distribution of our products to UK and International customers.

Smile Air Conditioning Wakefield Office Refurbishment Stage 1

Using smile air conditioning Wakefield for the main units we are also incorporating new carpets, desks, storage units, monitors and coordinating trays and desk equipment. This office refurbishment will enhance our working environment and surroundings.

Air conditioning was a major factor in this revamp as this will not only provide heat in the winter but also provide a comfortable environment in the few warm days we get in the UK.

Eventually a Mitsubishi SRK50ZM-S was chosen after a site visit by smile air conditioning Wakefield.

Office Refurbishment Wakefield Stage 2

As a result of larger office requirements space is always at a premium. No matter what business you are in and Rentex is no different. Our next office refurbishment Wakefield stage incorporates further development of outside facilities this project should be under construction early next year.

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