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School Logo Door Mats

School logo door mats are used to help maintain a professional image and also provide a dirt control prevention system at your school entrances and to all buildings that require a managed floor care maintenance program in place. 

entrance mats with logo
High quality rubber backed serviced logo mats by Rentex

All our school logo door mats are manufactured from heavy duty nitrile rubber including high twist nylon fibres that retain moisture and dirt deep within the pile of the mat. For areas where image is not as important our range of plain standard Dirt Control Mats can be used. 

School Logo Door Mats Buy or Rent

Having your image Logo Mats maintained is an essential part of using commercial entrance matting. Many online retailers suggest purchasing and cleaning / vacuuming the mats yourself.  What they fail to mention is that this is a time consuming process which will often be overlooked and missed out.

Simply vacuuming your mats will not remove ingrained grit and grime especially deep within the high twist nylon fibres. Build up of dirt will gradually get thicker until the pile is so embedded with grit that it will be impossible to clean effectively.

Another problem faced with the do it yourself mat cleaner is that they might wash the mat with a power wash system. Using a a power pressure washer is certainly not recommended as this might blow the fibres away from the mat backing. Additionally you would also be left with the problem of drying the school logo door mats.

If you have a school entrance with high foot fall using a professional mat company is also recommended. We have listed below a few key benefits of hiring your mats.

school cleaning
Sanitising wipes for schools and commercial areas

Commercial Hygiene Essentials 

At Rentex Hygiene we  also provide UK manufactured hygiene products. Our most popular Surface Sanitiser items are always held in stock and free delivery is applied when combined with serviced matting. 


Mat Service Benefits

Listed are the main reasons why we believe that it is beneficial to have a fully maintained service contract.

  • No capital outlay of school logo door mats
  • Double stock to facilitate service exchange
  • Dirty school logo door mats removed for professional cleaning
  • Lift and lay service provided mats always on site
  • Easy to forecast your floor care budget
  • Friendly as well as discreet uniformed service operatives
  • logo door mats significantly promote a better image

Combine your services

Apart from providing quality door mats. We also service and maintain Washroom Hygiene products more information can be viewed by using the item links.

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