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School Dirt Control Matting

School dirt control matting and dirt control barrier mats by Rentex, the first step in reducing soil, grime and moisture being tracked into your premises is to prevent as much of it as possible from entering in the first place. This also begins outside with keeping walkways and parking lots clean.

School dirt control matting
School dirt control matting

In the winter months remove snow and ice from walkways as this helps prevent moisture from entering buildings. Many schools assume purchasing one mat and placing it in their building is adequate. The assumption is that all mats are the same and this is frequently a misconception.

School Dirt Control Matting

In fact all school dirt control matting we provide is designed with certain qualities and functionality intended for a specific application. Selecting the proper matting system incorporates three key stages.

Matting Stage 1

School dirt control matting stage 1 is to invest in a good quality outdoor rubber scraper mat. Scraper mats are heavy duty mats designed to remove large pieces of soil, snow and ice from shoes. These mats should be placed at all entrances into a building and can be removed when weather conditions improve.

Matting Stage 2

Stage 2 involves placing a second mat directly inside the school door extending 4-8 feet to capture any remaining large particles, as well as dust, grit and moisture from footfall. It is a good idea to use a mat with a rubber water-dam design if not on a regular service.

This design is constructed with barrier ridges on the edges to help keep moisture within the mat. All our school dirt control matting and rubber backed school serviced mats  are ideal for this application. They have the ability to hold 1-1/2 litre’s of water per mat.

Matting Stage 3school dirt control matting

Stage 3 of our walk off logo or plain mat with dense fibers capable of capturing any fine dust or soil residue still on shoes entering your school. The mat selected should also be based on the amount of traffic that enters your building.

We offer quality mats designed to meet this criteria. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for a review on mats. These should be placed in the main school entrance, lobby or foyer area of a building.

The size of this mat also depends on the area to cover and safe lifting methods for our service operatives.

For a lasting impression consider adding your schools logo or message with a Logo Mat. As with all logo mats should be cleaned frequently to maintain an attractive appearance to visitors and because dirty mats loaded with dirt are not as effective in decreasing the amount of dirt tracked into buildings.

School Dirt Control Matting

Maintaining a good image isn’t the only reason to keep floors clean and aesthetically pleasing. Cleaning carpets also promotes a healthier indoor environment and better working conditions.

Removing dust, mold, allergens, and bacteria-laden particulates is just one way a cleaner environment and contributes to a healthier facility.

Regular cleaning also extends the life span of carpets and floor coverings and allows managers to use financial savings in their budget elsewhere within the school.


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