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Mat Cleaning Service

Mat Cleaning Service

Mat cleaning service why not just vacuum mats ? We are always asked these questions so have listed a number of reasons which may help with your concerns of mat cleaning service.

Mat Cleaning Service Why ?

Why cant I just clean my mats with a standard vacuum cleaning machine. The answer is yes you can but only to a certain degree as domestic type vacuum cleaners on average are approximately 30 effective at removing dirt and debris from the top surface of the dust control mats.

This is mainly because small particles of grit penetrates deeper into the dirt barrier mats nylon twist pile where it becomes almost impossible for the suction of vacuums to be effective. mat cleaning service

This build up of dirt and grime essentially reduces your entrance dirt barrier mats appearance and to function efficiently becoming a source of dirt to be walked further into your establishment.

Service By Cleaners

Why not just get the cleaners to clean my mats?

The results of a professional mat rental service reduces time taken by contract cleaners maintaining your floors and focus on other areas of your business rather than providing an inefficient mat cleaning service.

Staff involvement

Should you choose to allocate a member of your own staff to maintain your entrance mats and provide a cleaning service be aware that this mat cleaning can take up a valuble amount of there time.

Example: one member of staff on £7.50 per hour taking approximately one hour to vacuum, wash and dry the dust control mat as apposed to a full rental lift and lay mat service starting from around £2.80 per week.
Inevitably this cleaning regime will fail as your member of staff will be pulled onto other duties within your business resulting in your entrance logo mats or standard dirt barrier mats failing to work effectively.

How Do You Clean Mats

All our mats are processed by us. We take Mat Cleaning seriously, its a dirty job so let us take care of it.

mat cleaning



What are the main effects of dirt walked into your premises?

The grime walked in by foot traffic acts like sand paper slowly grinding away at expensive floor coverings especially on wood, laminate and linoleum. Smaller amounts of dust travel around the atmosphere and over a period of time settles on surfaces resulting in further cleaning costs.On ceramic tiled floors slips may occur, using a professional contractor will help to resolve some of these issues.

At Rentex we provide professional services to commercial premises in the Yorkshire area, if you are currently being provided with a mat cleaning service and would like a quotation please use our link and we will supply a competitive quote.


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