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Mat Cleaning Yorkshire
Rentex Hygiene

Mat Cleaning Service By Rentex

All floor coverings need cleaning at some point to remove stains, built up grime and to also remain functional.

Rentex floorcare services provides mat cleaning services to businesses and large organisations at affordable prices. Many customers have used us for years and although we’re in Wakefield, our customers are located across Yorkshire.

We provide a professional and friendly Mat Rental Service. We collect your dirty mats and replace them with fresh ones at regular intervals.

Mat Cleaning for Businesses

We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and discreetly on changeover day, with little disruption to the daily operation of your business. All you’ll notice are clean, fresh duplicate mats performing at their very best.

Who Cleans My Mats

We process all our own mats, and our rigorous process keeps the mats looking and performing at their best. We do not sub-contract, so all mats stay with us for processing.

Rentex are not affiliated with any other workplace service provider and are Totally Independent which further maintains our reliability.

How Do You Clean Rubber Backed Mats

Firstly, when mats are collected and returned to our site they are placed in shaker machines. This removes excessive amounts of grit prior to the next cleaning process.

We then give mats a full immersion wash with commercial detergents, we also process heavily soiled mats at 46°C to remove excessive dirt.

Mats are then rinsed and also spun in our own on-site mat cleaning machines. When finished they are removed and placed in heavy duty driers.

Mat Cleaning Quality Control

Finally, we manually carry out quality control and inspection, store them rolled ready for dispatch on your service day.

Customers expect quality all the time therefore as a business, it’s our responsibility to deliver quality mats at affordable prices.

Sorting Dirty Mats Ready For Processing
mat cleaning shaker

Quality Control Area

Our quality control area inspects mats for any damages ready for storage.  

Mat Cleaning Quality Control


Once the mats are inspected they are rolled and placed onto storage racking. 

Mat Cleaning Storage

Replacement Mats

Any mats that are found unrepairable are replaced with commercial grade stock.

Mat Cleaning Replacement Mats

Dispatch & Delivery

Clean mats are deliverd by our floorcare team to your site and dirty mats removed.

Mat Cleaning Service Delivery Van
Deal Direct No Sub-Contractors

Deal direct we provide realistic as well as competitive commercial rental charges. We are able to offer a quick and efficient mat cleaning service so that you will never have to be embarrassed about the cleanliness of your entrance matting.. uk mats direct

Whether you have entrance Logo Mats or standard barrier matting, keeping them clean is key to having them stay in their best condition and performing at their very best. And that’s especially true of high footfall areas such as receptions, shop entrances, hotels, offices, and also public buildings.

Mat Cleaning Benefits

With an industrial range of mats such as cotton mats, runner mats, scraper mats and also regular nylon mats we have you covered.  

  • Helps to maintain a great impression with customers at all times.
  • Extend the lifespan of expensive floor surfaces.
  • The right mat also reduces potential safety issues at work.
Its A Dirty Job So Let Us Take Care Of It.
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