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Contract Washroom Services

Professional Contract Washroom Services

With years of service experience within the UK this has equipped us with the necessary skills and expertise to master all manner of contract washroom services and requirements so that we are experts in servicing all types of buildings including offices, research facilities, hotels, retail outlets, surgery’s, public entertainment venues, schools and production facilities. It is this experience and expertise that makes Rentex an unmatched contract washroom services provider.

Anyone can offer excellent contract services, it’s the additional services and excellence that makes Rentex contract washroom services a business service provider to be reckoned with. Washroom hygiene for example, these often neglected services are normally carried out by cleaners and unfortunately some areas may be overlooked during the cleaning process such as checking soap dispensers and replacing aerosols within automatic air care units along with the maintenance of feminine hygiene units and associated waste. It is also important to remember that waste from feminine sanitary hygiene units can only be done by a licensed waste carrier such as Rentex hygiene contract washroom services.

Contract Washroom Services By Rentex contract washroom services

Commercial contract washroom services by professional, discreet and friendly washroom hygiene service operatives. At Rentex we understand that as a professional operation our business partners also need to be able to maintain high standards, at Rentex hygiene services we have a proven track record of providing a reliable service which is key to maintaining customer satisfaction.

Contract washroom services benefits

  • Years of industry experience
  • Competitive service charges
  • Cost efficient systems [frame_right]Online Quotation Link > [button url=”” background=”#56a3F0″]Online Quote[/button][/frame_right]
  • Fast response service
  • Additional services such as floor care maintenance (mats)
  • Isn’t it time your business explored the benefits of a leading contract washroom services company

Contract washroom services are you legal ?

When you choose a contract washroom services business partner it is a common and completely understandable assumption that all washroom hygiene waste disposal providers will have the required licence and certificates to permit them to remove your controlled waste. All contract washroom services companies from small family operated businesses to large national service providers must have a Waste Carriers Licence by law. Without a current licence they cannot legally remove your offensive waste, clinical waste or medical waste from site in their vehicles.

Its your legal Duty of Care to make sure you use a licensed waste removal company.

[note background=”#56a3F0″] A breach of your duty of care is a criminal offense that can Carrie a penalty up to £5,000 on conviction[/note]

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