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Washroom Services Castleford

Junction 32 Shopping Outlet Washroom Services

Has become the UK and Ireland’s leading shopping center cafe chain, with 175 outlets and still growing.  With a focused brand with mass market appeal, BB’s is keen to attract customers who appreciate a pleasant and clean place to rest and relax.

Capitalising on current consumer trends, BB’s offers delicious freshly mixed and baked muffins, freshly prepared sandwiches and baguettes and 100 Arabica coffee made to order – all at competitive prices. “The concept was already tried and tested in Australia and I knew the British and Irish public would be receptive to our proposition,” said Phil Abbot, BB’s Managing Director.  “Now our reputation is so strong, we are regularly approached by landlords because our presence increases dwell time in their shopping centres and consequently the sales of their other tenants increase.”

Washroom Services Castleford washroom services castleford

At junction 32 outlet shopping village the popular BBs is perfect for having a short break after visiting the stores, in particular this location understands the importance of providing high hygiene standards in all areas of the business and this also extends to the washroom areas.

The decision to use Rentex washroom services Castleford came about after using large national service companies in the past and now required a more proactive local washroom service business partner.

Key benefits

  • Promotes a clean image
  • Maintains high standards
  • Washroom services Castleford complies with legal requirements
  • Positive experience for visitors and staff

Shopping centres are a great environment with a high rate of footfall, good security and a welcoming atmosphere. BBs aren’t afraid of competition from other food service companies because they are confident that by providing quality food at reasonable prices and a great service.

Washroom services Castleford are a family operated business and do not subcontract out to third parties.

Washroom services Castleford Sanitary bins the law and you.   

The safe removal and disposal of sanitary bin waste in female washrooms must be provided by a licensed company such as Rentex washroom services Castleford, businesses with occasional visitors must also comply with current regulations.

All sanitary waste should be removed from site by a fully licensed business who deals in controlled waste services.

All sites by law should be provided with a duty of care certificate to certify that your sanitary waste is disposed of in the correct ethical and legal manner. For full legislative advice please contact your local environmental agency.


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