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Urinal Mat Services

Urinal Mat Services By Washroom Companies

Urinal mat services.  As a commercial washroom hygiene service provider our range of hygiene services now include urinal screens commonly known as urinal mats, these small mats are placed in the gents urinal to reduce odours and keep debris from entering the waste pipe. urinal mat services

Gents urinal mats are available as part of a full washroom hygiene service package, on your regular service day our discreet operative removes the screen and places in a special bag ready for disposal, they will then replace your mat ready for use.

Generally these services are only available as part of a washroom package incorporating other services such as feminine hygiene units, automatic air fresheners, vending machines and washroom sanitiser dispenser maintenance.

Urinal Mats For Commercial Buildings

As a facilities manager or landlord it is important to maintain high hygiene standards within your business washrooms and providing urinal mat services shows visitors that your facilities are maintained, whilst providing a screen to keep debris such as chewing gum and other items entering the waste pipe urinal mats also reduce splashing of liquid on to the user.

Urinal Mat Services Key Benefits

  • Keeps urinals clean
  • Odour control
  • Reduced splash
  • Regular replacement
  • Commercial washroom grade product

Service Charges

Charges for services vary around the UK and typically are only provided by the service company when other service products are ordered, it is important to remember that these professional urinal screen products must be changed every month to maintain efficiency of the mat, lower grade urinal mats are generally used by some cleaning company’s and are often overlooked by over stretched cleaning staff when the contract is gained based on the lowest tender.

As a professional washroom hygiene service provider we only use high quality urinal mats designed for commercial use, our urinal mat services are currently provided for our customers in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York, Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster, Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax. Our urinal mat services are provided by our own staff in Yorkshire.



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