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Washroom Hygiene Survey

Washroom Hygiene Services Reducing Bacteria

Considering many of us spend a quarter of our lives in the office, you would think we’d keep this area clean. Yet our work-spaces could well be harboring germs that cause colds, flu and food poisoning.

Many studies and washroom hygiene survey visits show that office desks have more bacteria than toilet seats. Yet a recent Washroom hygiene survey found that 84 per cent of us think offices are second only to hospitals for hygiene.

washroom hygiene surveys
Chrome soap dispensers

Most visitors to the washroom will not wash and dry their hands also hands that are not dried effectively after washing and remain wet can spread germs, think of the last thing you touch before exiting the washroom (The door handle). 

Just think you have spent time washing and drying your hands only to touch the same item that the previous visitor used.

For effective hygiene all visitors must apply basic hygiene standards when using public washrooms.

Rentex can supply a full washroom hygiene services system such as hand sanitiser, soap dispensers,and waste disposal units.

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Washroom Hygiene Survey

washroom hygiene survey
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All it takes is for one work colleague to have a bug and this could get passed on to everyone else within the working environment,  for example, not only are washroom fittings but office phones are handled by different people each day and handsets are held close to the nose and mouth.”

Researchers swabbed office surfaces in four US cities and found one in every five hosting harmful bacteria. Phones, computer keyboards were the worst culprits.

Shared office kitchens are often contamination hot-spots. “People think the bathroom is bad, but the kitchen can also be a hygiene risk,” Food poisoning is a major health risk caused by poor food storage, preparation and handling, often the case in offices Rentex believe that we shouldn’t be too paranoid. “Effective hand washing with soap and cleaning using warm water and a plain detergent is the best and cheapest way to get rid of germs.  And maybe reduce the number of sick days, too.

Washroom Hygiene Survey Tips to Reduce Germs

Our washroom hygiene survey tips is a guide to help reduce germs and bacteria within the working environment such as washrooms and offices

  • Washroom hygiene survey, ensure there are adequate hand-washing facilities with hand sanitiser, liquid soap and adequate hand drying options.
  • Washroom hygiene survey avoid touching bathroom surfaces and use toilet tissue on toilet door handles.
  • Washroom hygiene survey, use a Safe-seat Sanitiser if available
  • Use antibacterial spray, and change cloths and tea towels regularly, in kitchens.
  • Establish a kitchen-cleaning rota and three-day throw-out policy for fridge food.
  • Avoid eating at your desk.
  • Use disinfecting wipes daily on keyboards, phones and shared equipment.
  • De-clutter your desk.

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