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Pelican Pump For 5 Litre Containers

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Perfect For Manual Dosing From 5 Litre Containers  

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Pelican Pump For 5 Litre Containers

A push fit pump that fits on to a standard 5 litre container, replacing the cap. Squirts out a dose of the liquid each time the pump is pressed.

Pelican Pump For 5 Litre Containers
Pelican Pump For 5 Litre Containers

This basic hand sanitiser pump makes it easier to refill or transfer your product into more conveniently sized reusable bottles or use directly on to hands.

Pelican Pump For 5 Litre Containers

The pelican pump easily attaches to our five litre bottles, offering quick and easy dosing of hand hygiene products. Thanks to the pumps design, wastage is reduced and also time is saved as you don’t need to measure out specific amounts of liquids.

Each pump gives a small dose allowing you to control how much you use to reduce wastage and save money, making this accessory perfect for commercial and domestic applications .

User Benefits

  • Easy to use pump for dispensing liquid  as well as gel products
  • Significantly saves £ on buying smaller bottles
  • For accurate fluid delivery
  • Polypropylene with stainless steel spring / valve
  • Standard push on fitting
  • Lock down pump head for leak free movement
    Hand Sanitiser Pelican Pump 5 Litre
    Hand Sanitiser & Holder Sold Separately

Ideal for the quick and smooth dispensing of detergents and also chemicals.

Has a non-corrosive stainless steel spring, & is constructed of polypropylene to increase chemical compatibility.  The Pelican Pump also easily disassembles for cleaning and delivers a consistent dosage.

Not Suitable For Beaded Hand Soaps

This sale is for the dispenser pump only soap and sanitisers sold separately.

Keep your bottles at a convenient location with our 5 Litre Bottle Holder

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