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Washroom Hygiene Sanitary Bins

Washroom Hygiene Sanitary Bins

Washroom hygiene sanitary bins by Rentex Hygiene Services. We are able to provide a reliable and discreet scheduled service plan. Giving you the peace of mind that your washrooms are taken care of, and be confident that you are projecting a positive image of your business.

Additionally you are legally obligated under a Duty of Care to provide adequate washroom facilities for staff and visitors. 

Using a professional washroom company will help you maintain your obligations and provide you with all the legal waste disposal paperwork associated with offensive Duty Of Care waste.

Washroom Hygiene Sanitary Bins
washroom hygiene sanitary bins

Commercial Hygiene Services – Why Rentex ?

As a family hygiene service business we can also tailor your hygiene services to suit your needs.

This way we offer more flexibility and a higher level of commitment to our customers than many of the larger names in the industry such as PHS as well as Initial and Cathedral.

From providing the sanitary hygiene services & products you need to maintaining when required, soap dispensers, air fresheners, modesty bag dispensers and much more we can provide a complete washroom service package which is discreet, professional and gives you peace of mind.

Established in 1999 we have diversified over the years and washroom hygiene sanitary bins is just one of the support services we now provide.

Our other main activities include the rental and maintenance of entrance mats as well as dirt control matting.

Peace Of Mind Washroom Hygiene Sanitary Bins & Services

Our sanitary hygiene services team is knowledgeable and proactive and are always available for advice on our products and hygiene supplies.

  • Dependable and equally important, discreet sanitary bin services
  • Rentex uniformed service operatives
  • Satellite tracked hygiene service vehicles
  • Independent and furthermore family operated
  • Helps you with your Duty of Care
  • Legal as well as ethical waste disposal
  • Large range of hygiene products
  • Fast response times

Contact us for a full washroom review. Our business development representative will work with you and come up with a service solution for your facilities.

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