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Micro Mini Jumbo Dispenser

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Micro Mini Jumbo Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser Ideal For Medium To Busy Washrooms

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Micro mini jumbo high capacity Rentex toilet roll dispenser can hold 2 x 125m micro toilet rolls at time. This is equivalent to 12 conventional 200 sheet toilet rolls.

The micro dispenser is perfect for high to medium usage washrooms, as a ready supply of tissue is always available. To reduce wastage, the sliding restrictor bar significantly reduces consumption of the first roll is required before the second roll can be accessed.

micro mini jumbo dispenser
micro mini jumbo dispenser

Micro Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Due to its compact design, the micro mini toilet roll dispenser is ideal for even the smallest of cubicles.

Benefits of the twin micro dispenser unit:

  • Compact toilet roll dispenser fitting even in small cubicles.
  • Fits two Micro Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls, which saves maintenance time, as the toilet rolls need to be replenished less frequently.
  • The design of the dispenser also ensures that every sheet is used.
  • Robust ABS plastic makes the covr easy to clean.
  • The modular twin micro jumbo is also available in two variants:
  • A fixed cored spigot, fitting core sizes from 37mm to 42 mm in diameter.
  • A rotating coreless spindle for coreless toilet rolls.
  • The maximum toilet roll size for both variants is 140mm.

Additional features:

The outside of the dispenser is smooth which also helps with surface protection and a reduction of bacteria and mould.

Low maintenance

The dispenser’s ability to hold two rolls of toilet tissues furthermore reduces the need for constant restocking.

micro mini jumbo toilet rolls 2ply
Micro mini jumbo toilet rolls 2ply

It can be wiped clean and is very easy to refill.

Ease of service:
  • Hinged cover for convenience and also speed of service
  • Practical inspection window shows when a refill is required
  • One security key for the whole range
  • Angled top of dispenser to prevent damage
  • The viewing window on the unit allows for quick stock checks, which can also save valuable cleaning time.
Product suitability

Perforated or non-perforated cored micro jumbo toilet rolls.

  • A fixed cored spigot, fitting core sizes from 37mm as well as 42 mm in diameter.
  • Maximum toilet roll size for both variants is 140mm

Additional information

Weight 3.00 kg

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