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FFP2 Face Masks UK – Pack of 20

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With a 5 layer efficient filter system: Filtering 99% of airborne particles.

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FFP2 Face Masks ≥ 99% Respiratory Particulate Filter

These FFP2 disposable face mask respirators are very comfortable and are easy to fit. Certified to EN149:2001+A1:2009 Mouth Mask EU2016/425

ffp2 face masks
FFP2 Face masks

During a pandemic or emergency situations, health authorities often reference these standards when making respirator recommendations, stating, for example, that certain populations should use an “N95, FFP2, or equivalent” respirator.

FFP2 Face Masks

Commonly know as face masks these can protect against a virus if you wear and use them correctly. You need to fit them correctly so they are tight to the face.

These masks are thicker than a normal medical mask. However, they need to be fitted properly. Dispose of your face mask when it gets wet or dirty.

Mask Standards

Disposable respirator face masks are subject to various regulatory standards around the world.

UK FFP2 standard

  • Australia’s P2 standard
  • Chinese standard KN95
  • USA’s N95 niosh standard.

Respirators certified as meeting any of these standards can be expected to function very similarly to one another.

You are purchasing certified FFP2 flat fold masks. Similar to western standards, the FFP2 specifies that respirators filter performance is ≥ 99%.

FFP2 Features:

  • Tested to GB 2626-2006 and FFP2 Standards
  • Five layers of advanced filtration protection 
  • Filtering 99% particulate protection respirator
  • Material: Non-Woven Fabric + Melt blown Filter
  • FFP2 face masks can be used to prevent harmful substances entering the respiratory system through the nose and mouth
  • Pack of 20
  • UK FFP2
  • European certification CE1282, EN149:2001-A1:2009

The FFP2 mask’s 3D shape is designed according to the ergonomics of the human face to ensure tialcohol hand sanitiser 70%ghtness and also increase the breathing capacity of the mask, greatly improve the air permeability and makes it more comfortable to wear.

Open the mask fully, position the mask with metal nose strip up. After placing, use both hands to press the metal nose strip to fit the bridge of your nose and achieve a better protection effect.

What other preventative measures can you take to prevent spreading germs and infection?

Using a FFP2 face mask is just one preventative measure you can take to protect yourself from respiratory pathogens, dust and harmful airborne substances. However it is recommended to not rely on masks alone to provide an adequate level of protection.

Here are a few more steps you can use, along with the use of safety masks to protect yourself from harmful substances in the environment:

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, using soap and water (where possible) or an Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser
  • Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover nose and mouth with a bent elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of tissue immediately after use
  • Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

Commonly know as FFP2 face masks can protect against the virus if you wear and use them correctly. You need to fit them correctly so they are tight to your face.

A typical respiratory face mask will last over 1 week. Wear when you are near to other people, for example, in an office or when travelling on public transport.

Note: Some users may also have trouble breathing. You can’t wear N95, KN95 and FFP2 masks if you have a beard. Stock images used.

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With an efficient 5 layer filter system: spunbond, meltbond, nonwoven. Filtering 99% of airborne particles.


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