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The Pilates Studio Totnes

The Pilates Studio Totnes choose Rentex for hygiene supplies.

The studio totnes was founded by the experienced and qualified teacher Annita Cole. Annita has been teaching movement full time since 2002 and Pilates since 2011 and trains trainee Pilates students. 

They have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Devon area, and all classes are taught by professionally qualified and insured instructors.

The Pilates Studio Totnes Keeping clean with Rentex

We are pleased that The Pilates Studio Totnes have chosen our 80% Alcohol Sanitiser Wipes during these unprecedented times.

The Pilates Studio Totnes
Sanitising surface cleaning wipes

Using a commercial sanitiser wipe and appropriate hygiene supplies is now on top of every businesses shopping list. At Rentex we have been providing commercial hygiene supplies since 1999 and have not just jumped on the current hygiene band wagon.

Our clients range from small independent companies such as the The Pilates Studio Totnes to large government organisations such as the Ministry of defense.  

Rentex 80% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes 550 Tub. 

Keep your home or workplace clean and free from germs with these cost effective Rentex surface sanitising wipes. The hard working disinfectant wipes kill 99.9% of viruses as well as bacteria are highly effective against E.coli, MRSA, listeria, coronavirus (Covid 19), salmonella and many others.

550 80% Alcohol Wipes

Designed for use in typically high risk hygiene areas such as healthcare premises, schools, offices, call centers and gymnasiums, these antibacterial non-woven wipes are impregnated with 80% denatured alcohol solution to quickly and effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses from surfaces to inhibit the spread of infections.

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