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Gents Urinal Water FlowSaver Refurbished

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Monitors washroom traffic to schedule urinal cistern flushes saving water & £. 

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Gents urinal water flowsaver system (Refurbished) this battery Powered PIR Sensor Flow Control kit is for urinal cisterns.

Maintains hygiene standards as well as conserving water and dramatically cutting water costs – saving up to 95% of water usage compared with an uncontrolled cistern, and around 30-40% against more basic water management saving systems.

Gents urinal water flowsaver flush control
Gents urinal water flowsaver flush control (Refurbished)

The gents urinal water flowsaver consists of an electronic control sensor unit as well as a solenoid for installation into the water supply pipe of a urinal auto cistern. The unit also monitors washroom traffic to schedule cistern flushes. Where no motion is detected a hygiene flush is initiated at 12-hour intervals. During high usage periods where the number of detections exceeds 20, the unit will also temporally switch from 30 or 60 minute flushing to 15-minute flushing for improved hygiene.

Gents Urinal Water FlowSaver Features

With function as well as service in mind these water saving units are perfect for most washrooms.

  • Anti-Vandal Polycarbonate Domed Housing
  • Test Cycle Function
  • Easy Setup with LED Status Indicator and Beeper
  • Battery Powered as well as a low battery warning light
  • Tamper Proof Cover With Key
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted 
  • High Quality WRAS Approved ASCO Latching Solenoid Valve included. 

RTX Refurb Water Saver Kit Includes:

  • Flush controller unit with sensor eye for wall or ceiling mount above the urinals
  • Asco solenoid valve for fitting to water supply (15mm compression fit)
  • Approx. 1m of  two core cable to connect controller to solenoid
  • Cover release key
  • Fixing plugs and also screws
  • 4 x AA  Duracell Alkaline Batteries

Washroom Urinal Water Flow Saver Specification

Designed for comercial washroom facilities these units are also easy to install and maintain.

  • Construction: ABS/PC
  • Sensor range: 3 metres
  • Motion sensor: Passive Infra-Red (PIR)
  • Water control: DC latching solenoid valve
  • Water Pressure: 0.5 – 12 bar using the standard 2.0mm orifice valve
  • Power: 4 x AA Battery cells (LR6)
  • Typical Battery Life: Alkaline batteries (supplied) 12-18 months, Lithium batteries (not supplied) 2-3 years
  • Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 45mm
  • Unit comes without logo

Washroom Sanitary Bin Services in Yorkshire.

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