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Feminine Sanitary Bags x 50

£6.97 + VAT

Using modesty sanitary bags avoids the next user the potential experience of previous user’s feminine hygiene products adhering to the bin or sanitary disposal chute.

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Feminine sanitary bags these disposal modesty bags are for personal hygiene within the female washroom and to be used for the disposal of sanitary waste.

feminine sanitary bags
Sanitary bags

Our lady-safe feminine hygiene disposal bags are perfect for the disposal of soiled waste within female hygiene disposal units.

Feminine Sanitary Bags

They prevent waste soiling the sanitary bin chute resulting in a cleaner unit and promotes a better experience for the next user within your washroom facilities.

These bags are perfect for our wall mountable feminine hygiene bag dispenser but can also be used separately. 

  • Discreet as well as easy to use
  • Also helps prevent waste adhering top the sanitary unit
  • Quantity: 2 x 25
  • Compatible with dispenser (sold separately)

Sanitary disposal bag demonstration using the wall mounted modesty bag dispenser.

You can also compliment your washroom hygiene with bio active Neutrabin sanitary bin sanitiser.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Rentex Hygiene


2 x 25




Mainland UK

Main Usage

Prevents soiling of sanitary bin chutes

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