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Automatic Hand Towel Dispenser

£159.99 + VAT

Automatic autocut hand towel system delivers pre-measured flat sheets of paper towel ready to use, minimising the risk of cross contamination as only the paper is touched not the dispenser.



Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser

If you want a autocut hand paper towel dispenser that’s both extremely high quality and also efficient, look no further. Designed with impeccable attention to detail, the autocut automatic dispenser will also dramatically reduce the amount of paper towels you waste, and therefore the amount of money you waste on refilling your paper towels.

autocut hand towel dispenser
autocut hand towel dispenser

This automatic dispenser is a no-touch paper roll machine that has one of the largest paper capacities on the market. Thanks to its patented reserve roll loading system, a refill roll can be loaded before the previous one has been fully used. Making sure no paper is wasted.

Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser Automatic

The automatic autocut paper towel roll dispenser has been designed to improve hygiene within commercial washrooms, since users only touch the paper they need.

Freedom And Control 

  • Changeable paper lengths switch – default 250 mm & longer alternative 280 mm (+/- 5 mm)
  • Changeable paper presentation mode switch – no- touch hand activated paper dispense mode & paper always present mode (when you tear a piece of paper the cabinet automatically dispenses another piece)
  • Automatic reserve feature – once the roll reaches 9.5 cm it can be put into the reserve position and a new roll loaded, the new roll automatically loads itself ones the first roll has depleted.

With its modern design, the autocut hand towel dispenser is an excellent choice for an efficient and stylish hand drying. Providing maximum hygiene to the end user.

automatic paper towel dispenser intructions
Dispenser intructions

User Benefits

  • Automatic paper delivery via capacitive sensing – no touch dispensing.
  • Single-use paper portion – the paper self presents enabling maximum hygiene.
  • Automatic paper follow-on feature for presenting paper in advance of the next operation.
  • Compact size and modern design.

The unit is extremely compact in its design. Loading of the paper roll is easy and straightforward. The integral Wiper Roll cutting blade can be easily extracted for cleaning and maintenance. It is made of a special compound which re-sharps itself every time it cuts the paper.

Key Features

  • Simple paper hand towel roll loading
  • Easy to maintain cutting blade that also re-sharps itself after use
  • Visitors markedly only touch the paper they use
    automatic autocut dispenser rolls
    2 Ply White Paper Towel Rolls
  • Cover & back plate material: Transparent PET & ABS
  • Hygienic as well as easy to maintain and helps avoid wastage

This dispenser is also easily accessible for cleaning, maintenance and re filling with fresh rolls.

Dramatically Reduces Waste

This autocut hand towel dispenser is also designed to dramatically reduce wasted paper towels. With a design based on research of end-user washroom habits. These studies found that users will almost always take the same amount of paper towels no matter how small or large the sheets are.

This auto dispenser aims to combat this by a single-use paper portion – the paper self presents enabling maximum hygiene. This discourages users from taking more towel than they need. This means every roll of paper towel goes a little further.

Installation and service

The automatic autocut paper towel dispenser is easy to install and refill.

  • Wall mountable for easy installation
  • The units also come complete with fixings.
  • Paper Hand Towel Rolls simply load and use (sold separately)

Additional information

Weight 6.00 kg



H 349mm x W 310mm x D 230 mm


Main body – White / Blue




Takes 3 x 1.5V D Cell batteries.


Mainland UK Only

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