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What is Best Soap Or Sanitiser

What is best Soap or Sanitiser ?

As we all know by now, maintaining adequate hand hygiene is now crucial to reducing the transmission and spread of infectious diseases.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing hands with soap and water or cleansing using alcohol-based hand sanitisers will reduce cross-contamination and prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

So what is best Soap or Sanitiser

What is best Soap or Sanitiser
Moisturising 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

The effectiveness of hand washing and hand sanitising depends on a few product factors as well as locations used.

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers

If soap and water are not readily available, the CDC recommends using alcohol based hand sanitisers containing a minimum of 70% alcohol.

Alcohol based sanitisers are very effective at quickly destroying a variety of pathogens without the need for water or drying facilities. 

Using Hand Sanitiser With Aloe Vera leaves your skin feeling softer and non sticky.

Ethanol v Isopropanol (IPA)

Ethanol is considered to be the most effective alcohol against viruses, whereas Isopropanol appears to have a better bactericidal effect. The combination of the two alcohols may also have a synergistic effect.

The virucidal activity of alcohols is attributed to their ability to disrupt the lipid envelope as well as denature the remaining components.

Repeated use of alcohol sanitiser without moisturisers can cause damage to the skin. Potentially cracking which allows another point of entry for pathogens. 

The effectiveness of alcohol based hand sanitisers depends on:

  • The type of alcohol
  • Percentage of alcohol and also contact time
  • Quantity applied & technique of application
  • Amount of dirt as well as grease on hands

Hand Washing with Soap and Water

Washing hands with soap and warm running water for a minimum of 20 seconds has been established as one of the most effective ways to eliminate viruses from hands.

foam soap dispensers
Rentex Commercial Hand Washing Dispensers

Hand washing can virtually remove all traces of virus the same way it removes dirt, grease and stains.

Soap contains molecules called surfactants which can kill the viruses by dissolving it’s outer envelope. The molecules also help to remove the virus from the skin by disrupting the way the skin and virus interact.

What is Best Soap or Sanitiser – Effective Moisturising Hand Care

The effectiveness of hand washing with soap depends on:

  • Duration
  • Quantity and also quality of product used
  • Scrubbing, rinsing and drying method

What ever method you decide on, make sure to clean your hands regularly and ensure you are using the right products.

The key to the corona virus’s survival is the fatty bi layer that envelopes its genetic material. Both chemicals present in soaps and the alcohol present in hand sanitisers are able to disrupt this fatty bi layer and in turn kill the virus.

This page is for information guidance only you should contact your local authority or health representative for additional advise.

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