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Washroom Service Quotation

Washroom service quotation page now fully operational, this new addition to our website is designed to help new customers gain a speedy quotation without having to arrange visits from sales representatives on bonuses and sales commissions. Most sales representatives provide advise based on there sales commission, at Rentex we do not operate like that and all our customers are equal and are provided with a competitive quotation without hard sell tactics.

Washroom service quotation – Quick Quote

Washroom service quotation by Rentex Hygiene Services. When it comes to changing business service providers or choosing a new washroom company the first task is to request a quotation on a like-for-like basis. This is why we introduced our washroom Quick Quotation page. There are various reasons to change your washroom service provider, as well as reasons to stick with your current provider, we’ve listed just a few of the main reasons.

Reasons to change a service provider

washroom service quotation

  1. Poor service: Customer service is essential and being ready at a short notice can be the difference for some businesses between remaining with an existing washroom service company.
  2. High costs: If costs continue to increase annually you should query these and question whether you’re really getting value for money.
  3. People: The expression “people buy from people” is true. If a company has changed hands, management has been replaced or valuable staff has left then you may leave the company too.
  4. Quality of products used: The quality of products used in the washroom don’t meet their expected standards, this can be the case when choosing a cheaper quotation.

Reasons to stay with a washroom provider

  1. Excellent Support: You may stay with an existing washroom provider because their support is outstanding.
  2. Family operated business: valued customer base and easy to work with.
  3. Flexible: A flexible business service provider is worth keeping because they will care for your business when you need them most.
  4. Affordable Price: The price is affordable; you feel you’re getting a valuable service this will help make the decision easy to stay with an existing washroom service provider.

In any event, you should get a washroom service quotation to compare the level of service, price and support. If you can save and get the same service then it’s often worthwhile changing companies. Newly established companies will often undercut more established suppliers, which can be false economy because they may not be able to manage the contract efficiently, cover for annual holidays or absenteeism. Select a supplier that understands your business can provide a competitive washroom service quotation and deliver on their promises.

Annual Renewal Washroom Quote

If you recently received your annual renewal quotation for your washroom or other business service provider then take some time to search and ensure you’re receiving value for money. We provide a free, no obligation with our Quick Quote page. As soon as we receive your inquiry we’ll return a washroom service quotation should you require more information or available combined service discounts for items not listed please contact us.

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