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Servicing Sanitary Bins

servicing sanitary bins
Sanitary Bins

Servicing sanitary bins and feminine hygiene units are carried out on site within the cubicle area, this system ensures that you will not be left with another users old and grubby unit as part of a bin exchange.

Feminine hygiene units are thoroughly cleaned and also inspected for damage. Liners replaced and furthermore our special bio Bin Sanitiser applied within the receptical.

Our washroom hygiene service operatives do not carry sanitary units through your offices like some national service providers.

Servicing Sanitary Bins In Washrooms

Servicing sanitary bins common misconceptions, most national sanitary bin service providers will take your feminine hygiene units away as part of a bin exchange, this is initially sold as the best and most hygienic option by the sales person.

Bin Exchange

The negative points with this service that the sales person may have forgotten to mention would be.

  • Stained as well as dirty units carried through your business premises
  • Sanitary bins exchanged with other users units
  • Grubby looking units constantly in a pool stock rotation
  • This system used for speed as deliveries are also overstretched
  • Bins left in corridors as well as reception areas while others are collected
  • Higher service costs as more stock is in circulation

Positive points with this type of bin servicing for the customer

» None that we can think of

Sanitary Bins
Female sign

On Site Service – Rentex Hygiene Use This System

The positive points of servicing units whilst on site are.

  • Your issued units are discreetly maintained with the cubicle
  • No units carried through offices & receptions
  • Lower service charges as we only provide one unit per WC

The negative points with this type of bin servicing.

» Operatives can be on site longer especially on larger sites

Sanitary bin servicing charges

Most online washroom service providers will in fact sub-contract your services out to third parties this tends to be the case with smaller independent businesses.

At Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd we do not sub-contract out and furthermore are not affiliated with any independent groups or service providers for servicing sanitary bins.

All our services are for commercial business users only, servicing sanitary bins is also carried out within normal working hours by friendly and discreet uniformed operatives.

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