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Cabinet Roller Towels

Cabinet Roller Towels Washroom Service Package 12

Looking after your cabinet roller towels is very easy, for customers that are out of our washroom service area we provide a maintenance POST BACK service to maintain your cabinet roller towels, this requires the purchase of one of our towel exchange packages.

This new washroom service feature by Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd is designed to provide users within the UK an alternative choice of provider.

cabinet roller towels
cabinet roller towels

Cabinet Roller Towels How Many Do You Need ? 

Cotton roller towel usage, service frequency for a medium washroom traffic area is based on the following amount of users per day.

4-5 users per roller towel machine 3 times per day = towel change approximately every 2-3 weeks

This package is for 12 rolls per year starting from the purchase date for 12 months only ; once we receive your soiled cabinet roller towel we will return a fully laundered roller towel back usually on a next working day basis of equal quality.

Save £££ many multinationals are now charging a minimum order of £15 per week

Cab Towel Pack 12

To facilitate this washroom roll exchange service you must also have adequate rolls on site.

  • Cabinet roller towels in the machine x 1
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel spare
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel in for service at Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd

Purchase your towel service pack

Order a CRT 12 Post Back service package

Once you purchase your package we will provide you with 12 exchanges.  As this service is spread over a 12 month period we can only provide return delivery to you as this cost is managed by us based on 5 kg weight per consignment.

National Coverage

The cab towel pack 12 is for the following CRT towel rolls within mainland UK.

  • Blue cabinet roller towel
  • Blue & white pin stripe rolls (POA)

Delivery of your roller towels is carried out during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

Changing your rolls is also easy, this YouTube demonstration is performed by Rentex.

Providing this type of service we are able to also offer these products to users in areas of the UK that may be charged minimum order fees and suffering unreliable services from large national service providers.

Above service frequency figures are also based on standard hand drying pasterns, more usage will result in more rolls required.

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