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Foaming Hand Soap 5 Litre

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For Use In Foam Soap Dispensers Only

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Foaming Hand Soap 5 Litre

This unperfumed hand soap with its balanced skin friendly pH value is especially perfect for commercial washroom facilities. With surprisingly only a small amount required to provide effective skin cleansing.

foaming hand soap 5 litre
Foaming Hand Soap 5 Litre

Designed for use within foaming hand soap dispensers as a result this will also save time and money on refills.

Provides excellent skin care as well as rapidly cleaning your hands.

Foaming Hand Soap 5 Litre

Simply pour our liwuid hand soap into your foam soap dispensers or refill cartridges. Contains mild cleansing agents and moisturisers that will not irritate the skin even with frequent hand washing.

  • 1 x 5 Litre
  • Non perfumed
  • Balanced PH formula
  • Contains lactic acid – with antibacterial properties
  • Foaming produces¬†a rich, deep cleansing lather

With its mild formula it will also clean your hands without damaging your skin.


Watery Viscosity so foaming hand soap will Not run through standard hand soap dispensers.


Bin sanitisers Neutrabin 

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