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Office floor mats

Office floor mats & door matting in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene Services. Dirt control office door mats collect dirt and debris from foot traffic entering your premises. Dust control floor matting will only absorb a certain amount of dirt before becoming full.

This will reduce the efficiency and performance effectively becoming a large dust pan and resulting in being a source of dirt that will walk further in to your premises. With over 20 years experience in the floor care services sector our Rentex team work with you to establish your office floor mat protection requirements.

office floor mats
Commercial dirt control protection

Our range of loose lay mats provide an effective and efficient way of removing dirt and grime from foot traffic. By trapping grit and moisture deep within the dirt control barrier mat reducing floor cleaning costs and slips on wet floors.

Office Floor Mats Barrier Mat Rental Service 

Rentex uniformed floor care Mat Rental Services operatives call on a scheduled service visit in the Yorkshire area. We exchange your soiled matting with laundered mats on a lift and lay service. Upon each site visit your entrance dirt control barrier mats are regularly replaced with professionally cleaned office mats and the dirty mats removed from site for specialist cleaning.

For this service we have two barrier mats in rotation to facilitate the mat service exchange so you are never left without floor mat protection.

Service Key Benefits 

  • Maintain your business space
  • Helps reduce slips at work
  • No capital outlay for commercial matting
  • Range of standard sizes to suit most areas
  • Lift and lay service
  • Reduces cleaning costs

At Rentex Hygiene Services we offer a selection of sizes : 85cmx150cm 115cmx180cm 85cmx200cm 85cmx300cm 120cmx200cm




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