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How To Clean Dirt Control Mats

How to clean dirt control mats. Setting up a commercial dirt control mat cleaning system will require a few major machine investments. Cleaning mats is a slow monotonous undertaking, which will be covered later.

How To Clean Dirt Control Mats Machine Purchases how to clean dirt control mats

The main machines required are a commercial rigid mount washer minimum 40 lb capacity. This is a large piece of equipment and will require a suitable concrete base.

The second machine required to facilitate dirt control matting is a commercial dryer. Again the larger weight capacity the better minimum 50 lb is recommended. These dryers are mainly gas operated to reduce running costs and must have a suitable means of air supply. They also have a large extraction flu which must be exited to an external wall with an horizontal exit most preferable.

As the production rate increases from the washer the drying of mats reduces as inevitably the drying takes longer and two commercial dryers would be required to maintain production at a viable level.

Purchase Mats & Matting

A key factor is the purchase of quality Mats And Matting materials such as high twist nylon dirt control mats. These mats have a nitrile rubber backing that is far superior to PVC backed matting.

The high twist nylon (HTN) pile of the commercial mats will be effective on your customer’s floor for approximately two weeks. You would also have to purchase double the amount of mats to facilitate a lift and lay service.

How To Clean Dirt Control Mats Processing Items

It is best practice to sort mats before Mat Cleaning into wash load categories such as lightly soiled and heavily soiled dirt control mats. Doing this will speed up production in the machine by reducing washer programmed times. mat cleaning shaker

Depending on your commercial washer load weight for example we will use a 50lb washer. This machine would take a maximum of 5 mats lightly soiled dirt control mats on a 40 degree wash program.

Drying of your clean matting

After the wash programme as finished remove the mats and roll them pile out. Stand vertical in a metal cage to drain over night or as long as possible. This will remove most of the water within the dirt control mat pile and will reduce the drying process.

After leaving the mats to drain the next stage is to place your dirt control mats in the dryer. Depending on which type of dryer used this can impact on the production times.

The more mats in the dryer the better but can also be detrimental as the machine may strain with the loaded weight.

And you must follow the manufacturers guidelines for this operation and suitability of the machine to perform this task

After the drying of your dirt control mats remove from the machine and when they are cool roll them and place on your storage system ready for the next delivery service.

Our how to clean dirt control mats information is meant as a guide only. Rentex Hygiene Services are not liable for any misuse of machines or any other damage what so ever caused with our how to clean dirt control mats information.

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