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Mat Rental Services Leeds

Mat Rental Services Leeds

Dirt Control Entrance Mats Leeds

Rentex mat rental services Leeds uses high quality professional high twist nylon dirt control matting that removes moisture and grime in high traffic areas such as receptions and most commercial entrances. All our dirt control barrier mats are manufactured using nitrile rubber backing and bleach resistant high twist nylon fibres.

Mat Rental Services Leeds mat rental services Leeds

Most commercial operations and facilities managers will understand the importance of using quality dust and dirt control matting within their premises, and our mat rental services Leeds business is designed to provide a full maintenance support service that will promote a cleaner image and enhance safety standards at work.

Mat Rental Services Leeds Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just vacuum mats. This is a common question from many accounts departments looking at short term savings.
The answer is yes you can but only to a certain degree as domestic type vacuum cleaners on average are approximately 30 effective at removing dirt and debris from the top surface of the dust control mats.
This is mainly because small particles of grit penetrates deeper into the Dirt barrier mats nylon twist pile where it becomes almost impossible for the suction of vacuums to be effective.
This build up of dirt and grime essentially reduces your entrance dirt barrier mats appearance and to function efficiently becoming a source of dirt to be walked further into your establishment.

Should you choose to allocate a member of your own staff to maintain your entrance mats be aware that this service can take up a voluble amount of there time.
Example: one member of staff on £7.50 per hour taking approximately one hour to vacuum, wash and dry the dust control mat as apposed to a full rental lift and lay mat service starting from around £2.80 per week.
Inevitably this cleaning regime will fail as your member of staff will be pulled onto other duties within your business resulting in your entrance logo mats or standard dirt barrier mats failing to work effectively.

Key Problems Of Dirt In Public Areas

  • The grime walked in by foot traffic acts like sand paper slowly grinding away at expensive floor coverings especially on wood, laminate and linoleum.
  • Smaller amounts of dust travel around the atmosphere and over a period of time settles on surfaces resulting in further cleaning costs.
  • On ceramic tiled floors slips may occur.

Mat Rental Services Leeds Contract Benefits

  • Protect floors from dirt and grime with professional mat rental services Leeds
  • Logo mat rental improves business image[frame_right]Online Quotation Link > [button url=”” background=”#56a3F0″]Online Quote[/button][/frame_right]
  • Mat rental services Leeds helps to Prevent slips on wet floors
  • Rented mats mean no capital outlay
  • Fixed annual maintenance budget
  • Mat rental services Leeds have a large selection of logo colours
  • Mat rental services Leeds business trade account
  • Regular mat rental service maintains functionality of mats
  • Mat rental services Leeds customers invoiced quarterly
  • Commercial mats provide dirt control functions

Mat Rental Services Leeds Delivery Areas

Rentex mat rental services Leeds covers all of the Leeds area, please use the link below which provides additional information, this will navigate you away from this page but not away from our site.

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Rentex Hygiene Services

Professional washroom hygiene services and feminine sanitary hygiene bin disposal services and rental products such as; dirt control door mats, entrance logo mat hire, reception logo matting, sharps & medical waste bins, cabinet roller towels and electric hand dryer rental in Yorkshire. We also supply commercial washroom air fresheners, restroom hand soap dispensers, gents urinal sanitisers including male and female washroom vending machines. Contract hygiene service areas included Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Halifax and Huddersfield and most of North, East, South and West Yorkshire.
Rentex Hygiene Supplies Direct provide a buy it now option, we sell paper hand towels, toilet rolls, dispensers, electric fly killers, tea towels, aprons, electric hand dryers, pest control insect UVA tubes, electric hyco water heaters, sanitary bins and quality hand soaps. We supply nationally within the UK through our online hygiene store.

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