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Dirt Control Barrier Mats

Office Entrance Mat Rental

Office Entrance Mat Rental Services

We have been supplying Mat Rental Services in Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, Huddersfield and Halifax since 1999. Our floor-care operatives call and exchange your dirt control mats on a regular basis which is typically fortnightly.

Creating the right first impression as visitors enter your premises will show a potential customer that they are dealing with a professional company, this is even more evident when the use of premium office entrance mat rental services are used such as company bespoke logo mats.

Office Entrance Mat Rental
Office Entrance Mat Rental

Office Entrance Mat Rental Choosing The Right Mat

Choosing the correct mat is very important, most business users decide to try a standard plain mat to start with and we would always advise this if you have never used a professional office mat rental service company before.

Trying out a plain mat will let you know that the dirt control effectiveness is efficient for the intended area.

These mats are generally half the price of logo mats due to them being standard off the shelf products.


All our dirt control mats are highly effective in high foot fall areas or at service locations such as kitchens, trade counters, production lines and office vending machines.

Office entrance mat rental is the most commonly used matting in commercial buildings and they are used in various locations where safety is required such as anti fatigue mats for kitchens and workstations, logo mats are also a perfect way of promoting a company image or providing messages to staff and customers.

When planning for floor mats locations with high footfall areas should be pinpointed and exposure to the environment. The strategic placement of mats is essential for the dirt control matting to function effectively.

Our Deliveries

Once you have decided on which type of service you require on of our friendly service operatives calls to your site and replaces your entrance mats or matting with professionally laundered mats. Our tracked vehicles operate daily around Yorkshire so please contact us for a rental quotation.

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