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Neutrawaste Germicidal Powder

Neutrawaste germicidal powder is a Sanitary Bin Sanitiser & medical unit sanitiser. Designed for the safe storage of soiled dressings and medical waste, the Bio Active formula is 99% biodegradable. Can also be used in Wheelie bins as well as kitchen waste containers.

Neutrawaste Germicidal Powder
sanitary bin sanitiser

The Neutrawaste germicidal powder release germicides and odour neutralising vapors that are activated upon contact with moisture or waste materials within the waste receptical.

The main thing to consider is that Neutrawaste germicidal powder works in a non toxic manner. The odours that it produces as a result of reacting with the bacteria will be non toxic and not harmful to service personnel.

Using Neutrawaste or Neutrabin means that any odours produced are less harmful than those that are produced by the waste in question.

It is especially important to remember that Neutrawaste is not a replacement for the cleaning of waste control bins. appropriate cleaning and maintenance should be carried out.

Special Offer

Order a full case of 12 neutrawaste sanitising crystals and receive 200 modesty bags FREE. Please contact us for latest promotions and any special offers on these items.

How To Use Neutrawaste 

As part of your waste disposal maintenance schedule remove your sanitary bin liner. Replace with a new one and also apply a dose of our Neutrawaste germicidal powder or Neutrabin bin sanitiser which helps to reduce odour and kill pathogens within the receptacle.

With a fresh fragrance blended base developed specifically for masking offensive waste in disposal units.  During this masking process the natural anti-microbial vapors permeate the whole unit and continue to be effective even when the bin is full.

Lastly your feminine hygiene units should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. All offensive waste should be removed from site under license for safe disposal. This specifically complies with your legal duties under Health and Safety.

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