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Hyco Electric Water Heaters

Hyco electric water heaters from Rentex services based in Wakefield West Yorkshire.[frame_right][/frame_right]

Hyco electric water heaters start from just over £40 direct from our distribution partner Hyco water heaters,  Hyco supply to trade distributors only and not direct to the general public. Hyco has been established for over 20 years and continues to grow by focusing on the following strengths.

Hyco Electric Water Heaters Manufacturing

All our hyco electric water heaters come with a 12 months manufacturers warranty.

  • Quality and affordability
  • High hyco electric water heaters stock levels
  • Hyco electric water heaters (Next working day delivery)

    BS EN Standards
    550 80% alcohol wipes
  • UK based manufacturer

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Hyco Undersink Water Heaters HF06VC

hyco electric water heaters

Under sink systems the water heaters such as the Handy Flow vented units are attractive because installation is very simple and no specialist accessories are required.

The Handy flow Slim line vented under sink heater retain the ease of installation of traditional vented over sink equivalents but has the additional benefits of being hidden below the sink giving less visual impact and including a  vented mixer tap rather than a spout and cold water tap.

The fact that these handyflow slim line vented water heaters comes as a complete package and the user does not need to purchase a separate cold tap makes it an economic alternative to other electric water heaters. The hyco vented mixer tap supplied with the water heater comes with flexible hose for ease of installation and can be purchased separately if required.

The included specialist hyco vented tap must be used with this unit and It is normal for the vented hot water tap to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up.

This unit cannot be used with traditional taps. Users with a requirement to serve more than one sink or to use regular taps should consider the Speedflow unvented hyco electric water heaters as an alternative to the handyflow.

Hyco Electric Water Heaters Point of Use 2 kW HF05LQ

hyco electric water heaters

Handy flow water heaters are a simple to install traditional vented over sink water heater for single sink usage. With a neat design and supplied complete with tap and spout, the handy-flow offers an effective and particle solution to when economy and ease of installation is required.

Handy flow 5 litre water heaters are ideal for occasional use in light dish washing within the workplace for example in portable buildings, offices, shops, workshops, garages and other small commercial premises.

The electric hot water unit incorporates a thermal cut-out that can be re-set rather than requiring to be replaced. These water units simply need to be switched off and it will automatically re-set itself, this feature is particularly useful when the water heater is likely to be drained frequently (e.g. when fitted in portable buildings).

As with all Hyco units of this type, cold water entering from the inlet valve displaces the hot water stored in the tank.

It is normal for the spout to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up. Please note that over-tightening the hyco electric water heaters tap will not stop the dripping and may result in damage to these hyco electric water heaters.

Hyco Electric Water Heaters 2 Kw Unvented Speedflow SF10K & SF15K

hyco electric water heaters

Hyco electric water heaters like these unvented under sink water heaters are the option of choice for small commercial and domestic applications since these hyco electric water heaters offer high performance, multiple sink capability and allows the usage of regular taps.

Speedflow hyco electric water heaters are ideal for use in cloakrooms and small kitchens in offices, shops, out buildings, student accommodation and building extensions which have no localized hot water system to draw from. In these situations one speed flow water heater located under the sink is often used to supply hot water for light dish washing and hand washing in the required location.

Additionally these hyco electric water heaters can be used with a simple timer to control the power on and off at different time of the day when placed on the Eco setting (lowest setting) the water heater retains a constant temperature ready for use and reduces energy consumption.


Hyco Electric Water Heaters Instillation

All our hyco electric water heaters are designed for fast and easy installation requiring very little experience. but we would always recommend using a qualified plumber and electrician to install your Hyco electric water heaters.

Hyco Electric Water Heaters To Buy Online

As an approved distributor of these Hyco electric water heaters Rentex Hygiene and Washroom Supplies can provide most of these water heaters on a next working day delivery service within the UK, view our on line shop for further washroom products. Hyco electric water heaters dispatch is normally subject to ordering times and method of payment.

Buy Instant, Unvented and Vented Hyco Electric Water Heaters

The following information on hyco electric water heaters is a guide only and you should consult your installer for the best system for your location. Instant hyco electric water heaters such as the 3 kW Ultra Wash and inline compact heat the water that passes through them and do not store water like the storage water tank versions.

The 3 kw hyco electric water heaters can be powered from a 13 amp fused spur anything above 3 Kw needs to be installed direct to your consumer unit and must be installed by an electrician.

Electric handyflow vented hyco electric water heaters are self venting via the mixer tap which means that they will not pressurize when the water becomes hot and should be used for a single sink unit only.




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