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Fountain Primary School

Fountain Primary School New Logo Mats

Rentex commissioned to produce bespoke entrance Log Mats for fountain primary school premises in Yorkshire,  the design of the Logo Mats will incorporate the schools logo and additional corporate information.fountain primary school

Our commercial jet print logo mats are available with over forty colour combinations to choose from that should meet the demands for most designs. Our professional team based in Wakefield near Leeds have over 20 years experience in the commercial entrance dirt control matting industry.

We work with you to ensure that your chosen mat design and logo mat colours will be suitable for the intended industrial floor area.

Fountain Primary School Information

Fountain primary school is a state aided primary school, for children between the ages of 3+ and 11.

Some children will come to Fountain primary school via our Nursery; we offer flexible provision for 78 children by having morning children, afternoon children, those who start the week and those who end the week; there are never more than 39 children in the provision.

The children who enter our school at age 4 will be classed as Reception children. All children start school in September and very quickly attend full-time, subject to discussion with the parents. The Nursery and Reception children are housed in one building – The Foundation Stage.

Fountain School

Fountain primary school pupils are graded in mixed ability classes according to age. The school has a capacity for 420 pupils plus nursery. This is an annual intake of 60, giving two classes per year group when fully subscribed.

We organise classes to reflect the eclectic nature of our school population. Classes are a mixture of gender, ethnic backgrounds, social and academic abilities – we aim for fully comprehensive class groups and the children are not put in sets.

As children come and go from school, as children develop at different rates and because the social structure of the classes may alter, the constitution of each class is reviewed annually and changes may be made in September to keep the balance. Logo mats

There are also occasions when staff members may need to move year groups as part of their professional development; this will also be reviewed at the same time.

The hours of the school day are as follows:

8.50 am – 10.30 am
10.45 am – 12.00 noon
1.00 pm – 3.15 pm
(Children in Key Stage 1 have a break between 2.30pm and 2.45pm)


In the Foundation Unit we aim to create a stimulating environment where all the children can develop warm and secure relationships with adults and peers.

This is achieved by providing a place where the children can explore, experiment, observe and discover the world around them. We want them to develop confidence, independence and an awareness and respect of themselves and others.

We hope, within this secure environment, to help the children to become independent learners capable of making choices and decisions for themselves. We shall provide opportunities for challenge; to be creative; to be imaginative; and to be able to explore the new and the familiar with equal confidence.

The Foundation Stage is a distinct period of education with its own “early learning goals”. Most children should be able to reach these by the end of this stage. Foundation prepares children for the work of the National Curriculum in key stage 1

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