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Trade Counter Mats

Dust Control Mats

Commercial Dust Control Mats

This recent installation of high quality dust control mats at a site in Leeds, these where for our standard size grey dust control mats.

The main function of these commercial mats is to help reduce foot fall wear on the existing floor coverings and to help maintain a cleaner environment within commercial buildings and offices entrances.

dust control mats

Dust Control Mats On Top Of Carpets

What is mat creep ? mats move on top of carpets, this is caused in the production of carpets by the fibres on a carpet all slightly facing the same direction which is normally not visible to the human eye.

When another mat or floor covering is placed on top of the carpet it will creep the same way as the pile falls and as the fibres face one way the mat will move in that direction and the resistance of the pile stops it moving back.

To help reduce mat creep our mats incorporate thousands of nodules on the backing to anchor in the carpet pile, helping to reduce the movement of the mats.

Rental Services

Rentex uniformed floor mat service operatives will call on a scheduled service visit in the Yorkshire area.

Floorcare operatives exchange your soiled matting with professionally laundered mats on a lift and lay service we also supply mat rental services to Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Harrogate and York.

Upon each site visit your entrance or reception dust control mats are regularly replaced with commercially cleaned mats and the dirty mats removed from site for specialist cleaning.

For this floor care service we have two barrier mats in rotation to facilitate the mat service exchange so you are never left without floor matting and protection.

These loose lay dust mats are perfect for such areas as: Receptions, Shops, Trade counters, Schools, Offices and Warehouses.

  • Regular exchange 
  • No capital outlay
  • Friendly service operatives
  • Maintains floor coverings
  • Promotes a better image



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