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Liquid Hand Soap Perfumed

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Perfumed liquid hand soap for old type tork soap dispensers, this quality lightly perfumed liquid hand soap is used for day to day hand washing where the requirement for hand hygiene is demanded.
With its mild formula which means it will safely clean your hands at home or work but not damage the skin.

Liquid Hand Soap Prfumed – Tork Dispenser Compatible

Designed to fit into the older type S Box Tork soap dispenser system but can also be used separately.It is important to provide adequate hand washing to achieve high hygiene standards which will help reduce illness for staff and customers.Liquid Hand Soap


    • Removal cap for ease of use and installation in to the Tork Soap Dispenser

1 litre capacity bottles for fewer soap dispenser refills

Boxed quantity: 6 x 1 litre

Perfumed mild formula

These are not compatible with the latest Tork soap dispensers.

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Weight 2.0 kg
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