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Caravan Door Mats

Caravan Door Mats

These caravan door mats are manufactured from heavy duty nitrile rubber with a nylon high twist pile that causes the dirt and grime to remain in the mat. These professional mats are not to be confused with cheaper imitations that are PVC backed. That will warp and split after a short period of time like the ones sold at supermarkets and other retail outlets. Additionally our mats are also machine washable up to 60 degrees in a washing machine.

Caravan Dor Mats For Sale

As these mats are designed for commercial use you have the piece of mind that they

Caravan Door Mats
Carravan entrance mats

will last years in normal use. We use these in our contract rental business and some are still going strong after 15 years of service.

Using high quality Ex Rental Mats will help maintain your floor surface and as most sites have constant foot traffic entering the caravan direct from outside which results in mud, grass and dirt entering your living area.

Washing Mats

Most caravan sites will have an on site laundry facility available. Our caravan mats are easy to clean simply place the dirt control mat in to the washing machine pile facing outwards to aid cleaning. Apply a very small amount of detergent and set the machine to a low temperature quick wash. For speed mats can also be placed on a rinse cycle. Which is beneficial when a light refresh of caravan door mats is required. Heavily soiled caravan door mats will also benefit from a full wash programme.

Drying Mats

The extraction process in the washing machine will take care of most of the water content of your caravan door mats. Manufactured with a nylon pile that releases moister faster than cotton. Another option to help aid in the drying of mats is to roll the dirt control mats when wet with pile inside and let the water drain out overnight.

Most Popular Sizes

Our most popular dirt control door mat size is 85 cm x 150 cm. With the dark grey being favored by the majority of our customers.



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