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Canteen Floor Mats

Canteen floor mats are used to help protect floor coverings in busy areas. Our heavy duty mats are provided on a rental service basis and exchanged on a scheduled day by our own uniformed floor care dirt control mat operatives.

High quality nitrile rubber backed mat with a high twist nylon pile that retains dirt and grime within its fibres. Areas with high oil and grease foot traffic should consider cotton mats these will provide better absorption of these contaminants. Standard kitchen ares such as office canteens such as in the image shown our standard range of floor mats would be sufficient to be used as canteen floor mats.

Canteen floor mats

Canteen Floor Mats Quotation

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Reduce Slips At Work

Safety mats and Dirt Control Matting can reduce the risk of slips within the working area, using commercial grade matting will not only help maintain your health and safety standards bu will also keep your canteen floors clean.

Having your canteen floor mats serviced is highly recommended by a professional contract floor care service company who will call on a regular basis and exchange them for clean mats.

Service Areas

At Rentex, our Canteen Floor Mats and hygiene services are provided for business users only, we cover most of the Yorkshire area delivering standard mats, logo mats and hygiene supplies on our regular service schedules.

With over 20 years experience in the industrial floor mat and floor care services sector our professional team work with you to establish your protection requirements, our standard range of loose lay mats provide an highly effective and efficient way of removing dirt and stop the ingress of grime from foot traffic by trapping grit and moisture deep within the dirt barrier mat reducing floor cleaning costs and preventing slips on wet slippery floors.

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