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Cytotoxic Waste Disposal

Legal Cytotoxic Waste Disposal

Cytotoxic Waste Disposal Services Yorkshire, cytotoxic hazardous waste collection and disposal services, what are cytotoxic medicines ? these are any drug that has a toxic effect on cells. Such as chemotherapy treatments for cancer which kill off the cancer cells.

Cytostatic drugs suppress cell growth, such as some cancer hormone therapies. Which inhibit the multiplication of cancerous cells, so they stop and prevent the cancer from growing.

Cytotoxic Waste Disposal and Segregation 

cytotoxic waste disposal
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Ensuring the correct segregation and storage of waste drugs before destruction is vitally important to reduce charges. Any mixed contaminated and soiled waste will be classed as infectious waste.

These types of treatment are vital to patients but extreme care needs to be taken with the handling and management of any waste drugs.  Cytotoxic and Cytostatic waste this controlled waste can be produced in tablet, liquid, cream or aerosol form.

Hormone and cancer treatment medicinal waste must be separated from other medicinal waste as they are classed as hazardous. Failure to segregate from non-hazardous medicines will mean that the entire volume of waste must be treated as hazardous.

Disposal Health and Safety at Work

A commercial waste producer has a legal responsibility to demonstrate that waste drugs have been dealt with appropriately and that you have fulfilled your ‘Duty of Care’ under the Environmental Protection Act and disposed of by a licensed controlled cytotoxic waste disposal management business.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, as an employer you have a legal duty to protect the health of your employees and anyone else. Eg the public, who may also be affected by your work.


You must have a health and safety policy and should consult employees and safety representatives on the risks identified in the workplace and the measures needed to prevent or control these cytotoxic waste disposal risks. You must take steps to ensure employees are familiar with the health and safety policy.

In general, cytotoxic drugs are hazardous substances, as defined by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). Some are considered carcinogenic and are therefore subject to Appendix 1 of the COSHH Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) which provides additional guidance on the control of carcinogenic substances. Under COSHH, you have a legal duty to assess the risks from handling cytotoxic drugs for employees and anyone else affected by this type of work, and to dispose of such waste in the correct manor by a licensed controlled waste collection service provider,

Cytotoxic Waste Disposal And Collection Services in Yorkshire

Our cytotoxic waste disposal services are specially designed to help your staff identify and segregate cytotoxic and cytostatic waste effectively. With special colour coded containers with purple lids. 

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