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Cupping Hijama Services

Cupping Hijama Services Treatment Facilities

Cupping in Arabic is known has Hijama and it is an ancient method of treatment that has been used to treat and cure a number of a broad range of conditions throughout the Eastern and Western cultures of the world.

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It is also known as cupping or bloodletting therapy, conditions such as blood related disorders; hemophilia and hypertension, for example, rheumatic conditions ranging from arthritis, sciatica, back pain and migraines through to psycho-social applications in the treatment of anxiety and general physical and mental well-being.

The primary aim of cupping is to extract blood that is believed to be harmful from the body which in turn rids the body of potential harm from symptoms leading to a reduction in well-being.

Improves blood circulation and replenishes the organs, cupping hijama services also eliminates the bad toxin blood and detoxifies your body by helping your body to produce new blood which replenishes your organs & improves the blood circulation, as studies have shown that 70 of diseases come from within the blood

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Cupping Hijama Services Safe Disposal of Waste

As a cupping hijama services treatment provider you are legally bound to dispose of all contaminated waste by a registered disposal company dealing in regulated waste.

Cupping hijama services can produce such regulated waste as sharps and offensive waste which can include soiled dressings and must be disposed of legally as part of your duty of care procedures.

Beauty Therapy

Cupping Hijama is also beneficial in beauty therapy as it promotes the production of hormones. Encourages blood flow and body fluid movement in the bowels and internal organs. In this way toxins are removed and this is important because toxins speed up the aging process and cause other negative conditions.Cupping Hijama Services

Authentic hijama/cupping therapy balances all aspects of the body. The aging process speeds up when individual cells dry out, or too much sun. Kidney weakness also speeds up the aging process and leads to dry and damaged hair, early graying or hair loss.

Imbalance in women also manifests in the early signs of menopause with hot flushes, night sweats and dry skin. Simply applying external lotion to the skin or hair does not access the root cause.

Key Benefits of Hijama

  • Enhances general health of the body
  • Relieves pain
  • Allows 80 elimination of substances that cause pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Hijama purifies the blood
  • Sharpens the eyesight
  • Cupping improves memory
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces depression as well as sadness by releasing chemicals in the brain
  • Improves physical and also mental health conditions
  • Cupping hijama services builds up the body’s natural resistance to illnesses
  • Allows tissues to release toxins and removes toxin through surface of the skin (detox) improves blood flow & lymph flow to the corresponding organ & activates its function
  • Relieves muscles spasms, hardening or stiffness of muscular tissue
  • Cupping can also help reduce unwanted side affects of drugs, removes their residue and reduces risk of drug toxicity

There are certain stagnation areas in the body where the blood collects in and it has been proved through medical studies the removal of this blood is very beneficial to the whole body system.

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