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Custom Logo Mats

Custom Logo Mats in Yorkshire.

Rentex custom logo mats in Yorkshire by dedicated as well as friendly floor care operatives. With function and image key roles in image logo mats, maintaining that image is of course essential. Create the right first impression with our professional entrance logo matting service.  All our logo mats provide an effective and also an efficient way of removing dirt and grime from foot traffic.  By trapping grit and moisture within the dirt control barrier mat also reducing floor cleaning costs.

Offering the same dirt control performance like our standard Granite dirt control mats. Our bespoke logo mats and matting are guaranteed to make a powerful first impression.

Company Artwork

custom logo mats
Custom Logo Mats

Our custom logo mats team work with you to ensure that your chosen mat design as well as dimensions and also colours will be suitable for their intended use. As these are dirt control mats if possible we always advise dark backgrounds. A draft PDF file of the logo mat artwork is prepared  subject to contract prior to manufacture of your logo mats.

Custom Logo Mats – Rental Services

After manufacture of your new logo matting. Rentex hygiene services uniformed floor care service operatives call on a scheduled service visit, your entrance logo mats are replaced with professionally cleaned mats and your dirty logo mats removed from site for cleaning.  For this service we have two logo mats in rotation to facilitate the mat service exchange.

We have been providing custom logo mats and matting since 1999, should you require a site survey by our floorcare business development representative please contact via our online information & quotation link.

Logo Mats Product Range

At Rentex Hygiene we offer a large selection of premium logo mats and designer image mats. With over 40 colours to choose from, we can create entrance mats and matting to suit any branding or setting. Bespoke logo mats could include anything from company logos, safety information and promotions.  We have also manufactured school logo mats where the school run a competition for the children to design.

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