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Commercial Kitchen Tea Towels

Commercial kitchen tea towels are used by many business users that require a product that is functional and robust. These quality tea towels are used by our own rental section for locations such as; Restaurant, cafes, bars, offices, hotels and school canteens.  All our catering cloths are manufactured using high quality cotton that stands up to high wash temperatures and constant washing,.

As an alternative to our commercial kitchen tea towels. We can also provide contract grade tea towels that are ideal for areas that require a standard towel where longevity is not as important this can be for domestic use or where the spending budget is important.

Commercial Kitchen Tea Towels Information

Choosing your workplace cloths is important as purchasing the wrong type can be an expensive option especially when planning on the purchase of a few hundred for a large catering operation.

commercial kitchen tea towels
Tea towels

We would always recommend the purchase of the highest grade Tea Towels that will last longer. Unfortunately due to pilferage and staff mismanagement this is not always possible and in such cases a contract lower grade commercial kitchen tea towel would be the best option. These are normally provided in packs of 50 and colour coded with a brown or green stripe.

Catering Grade Cloths Key Benefits

  • Designed for business users 
  • Range of quality grades
  • Colour coded helps maintain hygiene standards
  • Robust material

Blue band are our best selling product. We can also provide these at very competitive prices for as product of the quality due to our high purchase volumes. This type of commercial kitchen tea towel is very absorbent. With the additional benefit of not being available in the high street shops this helps to maintain product stock control.

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