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Coir Entrance Logo Matting

Commercial Coir Entrance Logo Mats

Design and installation of a large coir entrance coir logo matting for offices in York, coir mats are a traditional favorite in the fight against tracked in dirt and moisture. These 100 natural coir mats are perfect for entrances to shops, public houses, restaurants and industrial units.

Bespoke coir matting by Rentex Hygiene is on a direct purchase basis and not available for contract rental.

Coir Entrance Logo Matting Design & Installation

After approval of the design the coir logo mats are manufactured slightly larger than the site requirements this facilitates the possibility of cutting the mat to the exact size on site, our professional installation team first use a template to cut out difficult corners & angles then run a bead of silicone around the edges and diagonally across the mat to avoid the mat moving.

Coir Entrance Logo Matting Key Benefits coir entrance logo matting

  • Heavy duty dirt control
  • Promotes corporate brand
  • Coir entrance logo matting lasts for years
Coir Matting For York YRG Group

York repro-graphic group has been providing reprographic services for packaging printers and end-user clients since 1974, during this time it’s fair to say that they have learnt a little about the importance of eye catching graphics, consistent and dynamic colour reproduction, combined with high levels of technical support to service customers.

It’s the reason that they have consistently invested in leading edge technology & ever faster production systems to produce artwork, reprographics, printing plates and flexographic sleeves which meet, and occasionally exceed, customer’s needs and expectations.

YRG group understand how their performance affects clients business and take it very seriously. They understand that ongoing future growth rests on completely understanding clients present needs – and anticipating their requirements in the future.

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