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Washroom Services Quotation

Washroom services quotation why Rentex ? looking for better value or a better service then why not ask us for a no obligation service quotation.

Many of our customers have changed to Rentex Washroom Services for a more personal service as well as making substantial cost savings after receiving a washroom services quotation.

Washroom services quotation our standard package, for feminine sanitary hygiene we provide 12 visits per annum, unlike many others who only offer 8 service visits. We will gladly give you a free washroom services quotation / site survey without obligation.

Using our online washroom services quotation form means we do not employ high pressure sales people and prefer to get most of our business from recommendations and word of mouth.

We are also given many introductions from other independent companies as they know we will look after our customers in a professional and caring manner.

Washroom Services for businessesUploaded : Hotel-Washroom-Services

Main reasons why we are first contacted for a washroom services quotation

  1. You feel that you are not getting value for money
  2. Your not satisfied with your existing service team
  3. Hassled by accounts departments
  4. Wishing you had better customer services

These are a few of the reasons that we get a request for washroom services quotations and the opportunity to quote for your service requirements, and then hopefully see you as a valued customer of Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd.

Washroom Services Changing Providers

If you are already under contract and wish to seek another supplier then it is important to check the dates of your current washroom contract.Adobe PDF Image small

It is vital that you maintain your obligation requirements under the current environmental legislation and we can assure you that any change of equipment and service will be scheduled to keep you business operating legally.

Washroom Services Quotation

Please complete our FREE online washroom services quotation link.

Please feel free to contact us for a washroom services quotation and let us help you improve the service your business needs, and probably even your bottom line by offering better value.washroom services quotation

Our washroom services quotations are for business users only and most service companies operate on an annual basis with usually 3 months notice being required to cancel.

Our washroom service quotation promise, be assured that if you choose Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd we wish to keep you as a satisfied long term customer, not just at the beginning, but to build a business relationship for years to come.

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