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Warwick Gas Dryer Not Working

Warwick Gas Dryer Not Working. Gas dryer rotates in cool down mode but fails to operate on heat setting, the sail-Switch stuck which is a very common problem associated with a no heat condition, this is when the sail switch fails to pull in.

You can save money by simply checking this Warwick gas dryer not working problem prior to calling out a service engineer, just tap the area around the sail to loosen the switch. This should release the stuck sail and the machine will function.

The sail switch pulls in when the dryer is started via the air circulation if the circulation gets reduced either from heavy lint build up on the lint filter or a blocked exhaust vent the sail switch won’t close all the way and the heat circuit will shut down.

The VK50 is part of the Warwick dryers range of heavy duty commercial laundry drying equipment, manufactured in the UK these gas operated tumble drying machines are designed for use with natural gas but can easily be converted for use with propane gas.

Warwick Gas Dryer Not Working Sail Switch Location

Another Warwick gas dryer not working situation that happens a lot is maids would either warwick gas dryer not workingclean behind the dryers or store stuff behind them knocking the sail switch out of alignment without knowing it a lot of sail switches are behind the dryer about a foot above the ground the Warwick gas dryer sail switch is located at the top of the machine next to the gas burner and covered by a grill.

Note: Grill cover removed for photo.

The sail switch is the circular object to the lower left of the image.

There is an adjustable weight on the sail switch, the proper way to adjust it is: with the dryer off, move the weight just enough so that the slightest movement will cause the switch to click on (switch should not be tripped when dryer is off).

Warwick Gas Dryer Not Working Test

Test it by running the Warwick gas dryer, the air circulation should pull it closed, regular maintenance will help to avoid your Warwick gas dryer not working and associated laundry downtime.

Warwick Gas Dryers Manufactured in the UK

Warwick dryers was established over 30 years ago, for many years they have been the only UK manufacturer of commercial dryers and extractors. It is a testament to Warwick that many built in the early years of the business are still fully operational to this day.

Not only do Warwick supply commercial gas dryers and extractors they have recently added a range of industrial washers to compliment their commercial laundry range.

Manufacturer Warwick Gas Dryers

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