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Purge Urinal Cleaner – Waste Treatment

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12 Months Supply

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Purge urinal cleaner purge sachets are designed to help unblock urinals and maintain efficiency when used in conjunction with our urinal mats and urinal sanitiser systems, you will no longer require additional cleaning products within the urinal reducing your staffs involvement with chemicals.

purge urinal cleaner Using our purge urinal cleaner sachets you will see immediate improvements after treatment.

12 Months Supply

This special urinal deep cleaner product contains a biologically concentrated active powder formulation that is designed to deal with waste products.  Using our urinal deep cleaner powder also speeds up the degradation of paper, protein and waste products. It also helps to clear blockages in systems where there is slow drainage.

Purge Urinal Cleaner How It Works

The bacteria in our purge urinal cleaner powder will colonise the waste material, such as uric acid and will degrade the waste – helping to remove organic materials and also prevent a buildup of deposits that can lead to unpleasant odours in toilets, urinals and shower cubicles.

Urinal Deep Cleaner Peace of Mind 

Rentex provide a peace of mind gent’s urinal deep cleaning system.

Purge urinal cleaner

Purge Urinal Cleaner Key Benefits

Along with the peace of mind that your urinals are regularly maintained additional benefits also include. 

  • Eliminates the need for your staffs involvement with chemicals
  • Reduces expensive plumbing charges
  • On site cleaners focus more time cleaning other areas efficiently
  • Eliminates foul odours
  • Promotes a positive experience for washroom users

Maintaining your washroom with our full peace of mind service package will show your customers, staff and visitors a positive image of your business premises.

These contract gents urinal services are is normally combined with other on site washroom services such as; feminine hygiene units, air freshener dispensers and foam soap dispenser replenishment.

Let us take care of your washrooms while you take care of your business.

For more information or to arrange a site survey by a member of our washroom development team please view our Urinal Deep Cleaning page

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